Sunday, November 15, 2009


We had a lot of fun this Halloween with our Peter Pan themed costumes. Chance was so excited about it, that he talked about it for weeks prior to Halloween. He told everyone over and over what we were going to be for Halloween. So, we were happy to have lots of places to wear our costumes. There were 3 different parties- a ward party, EJ's office party and then a neighborhood party. Plus, we had Halloween night to wear our costumes as well. We definitely got a lot of use out of them!
First was the church party- yummy dinner, and trunk or treating! Then EJ's office threw a party for the families.

Can you tell that the party was right in the middle of nap time...?
Yeah, Gavin was a little bit tired!
Thankfully there were lots of activities (and treats) to keep the kids occupied. Like ring toss.
Gavin did not want to let his ring go!
You can tell by the evidence on Chance's face that we had lots of yummy things to eat and lots of candy from the trick or treating to everyone's desks.
In the conference room there was a wall of glass, Gavin bumped his head into it a few times before realizing that he couldn't get through. Then, as in all things, he had to taste it! Blow fishes on the window must be something innate, because I didn't teach him that. :)
Everyone loved EJ's costume, in fact he won first prize for his costume at work. Several people didn't even recognize him, until they saw that I was with him.

Chance loved his costume, especially the sword! He insisted on fighting captain hook every day for about 2 weeks, until they broke EJ's sword. However, much to the relief of Chance, the story has a happy ending with EJ figuring out a way to fix it.
Trick or treating
Chance loved it, as you can tell by that smile on his face. It's fun to have him interested in it all. Last year he didn't quite understand what was going on, this year, he definitely understood.

Gavin and I came back early from trick or treating so that I could pass out candy, and after about 5 houses, Gavin was done anyway.
As soon as we got home it was so cute to see him start digging into his bag of candy
He's such a happy little guy.
When Chance and EJ arrived home, he only made it a couple steps from the front door before he dumped out his whole bag of candy to admire the contents.
His face shows the different emotions of exhaustion from a very long and eventful day, and the absolute love of candy. Ha ha! :)
Gavin had just started crawling and was still very timid and shaky, but that big pile of candy was some good incentive to get him up on his knees!
Somehow Gavin got a piece of double bubble gum unwrapped and in his mouth before I even noticed! That's a big wad of gum in a little mouth with only 2 teeth!
Chance's introduction to pixie sticks- gotta love the flavored sugar! Costumes, parties, friends, trick or treating, candy... what a great Halloween.

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