Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Check out a couple new links...

Give Hope to Benson and Claire:
I thought I would take a minute to post about the two new links on the sidebar. First of all is Benson and Claire. Their family are our friends and sweet little Benson and Claire both need kidney and liver transplants!! They are the only kids in the family and Claire is worse than Benson, she is being kept alive through dialysis almost every day of the week. Benson was dropped off every morning at a different house, while his mom and Claire went to the hospital for the daily treatments. Benson came to our house every Thursday and Chance loved playing with his buddy Benson! Anyway, as you can imagine, transplants are not cheap and this family can use all the help they can get. So click on the link to find out more of their story and donate a little- every dollar helps!

Six Minutes to Success:
And, one more new link on our side bar is a service that EJ recently discovered. He has taken 2 months off this summer, (which has been wonderful) and while he's been home he's been doing a lot of a different kind of work. You see, EJ would really like to work from home and be financially independent at some point. This service of Six Minutes to Success has been helping him achieve that goal! So, we just thought some of you out there might be interested in it as well. Check it out...

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