Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm back... :)

Can it really be true? I have let 3 months go by without a single post!!?? Wow, life must have gotten busy or something. Anyway, I might possibly go back someday and catch up with all those posts I have missed, but for now, let's start with this little guy completing half a year of life.

Yup, 6 months old now, my how time flies. He is as sweet and easy going as ever. He cries when he is hungry or tired and that's about it! He and Chance have really started to become buddies and can make each other laugh and giggle just by looking at each other. He is a skinny little guy weighing in at 14 pounds at his 6 month appointment, which came in at the 3rd percentile on their charts. Nothing to worry about though, but the doctor did want me to start pushing the solid foods more. The first few weeks I tried solids, Gavin acted as though he was being tortured, until he discovered squash. He loves squash. But guess what happens when a baby just eats squash?? Constipation, that's what. So, after banning squash from his diet and forcing the natural laxative type foods, we are over that, and he is enjoying eating anything now. As you can tell, he loves grabbing his toes, smiling, sucking on his fingers or binky, studying his hands, being tickled and laying in bed next to Chance for a bedtime story. He does not love tummy time, constipation (thank goodness that's over), the "extra" love that Chance wants to give him sometimes or having his face washed after smearing his food all over.
How could we ever live without this guy- we just love him to pieces.
And such a handsome little devil, don't you think? :)

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