Friday, March 20, 2009

The Walker

It was dinner time, I needed both hands but felt bad about putting Gavin in his swing again. So, I ran upstairs and pulled the walker out of the closet for Gavin to try for the 1st time. I thought he might like being a little closer and able to see me while I cooked. Of course, Gavin is way too little to make use of the wheels on the walker, but Chance was quick to help him out with that! It actually became a sort of game for Chance. He was loving pushing Gavin around and around the island.
I think Gavin liked it too. I'm sure he had never seen the kitchen from that view before.
And yes, it was dinner time and Chance is still in his pajamas. It was a pajama day for all of us! Also, notice the nice accessories that Chance is wearing. We went and picked the helmut and pads up that morning from someone giving them away on freecycle. The minute we got home he had to wear them, and not just for a little while, but for the rest of the day. And for the next two days as well!
I love moments like this, when I see these two little boys interacting, maybe because it doesn't happen too often! But they are making connections and memories that will last forever.

Chuck E Cheese

It had been 2 years since we had been to Chuck E Cheese. This is what Chance looked like the last time (and only time) we went, up until just last week. He's the one in the middle with friends Kayla and Katie on either side of him. So, I guess after such a long drought of not going, it was time to go back and re-experience the grandeur of Chuck E Cheese. When we got there my friend Melanie and her son Russell were shooting hoops. Chance quickly invited himself to play, and he loved it!

Nice form Chance! Don't be fooled by the picture, after he shot the ball, I'm sure it only went 3 inches before falling.
Shooting hoops is the main thing that Chance still talks about and wants to go back for. But he doesn't just say shoot basket ball's, he says I shoot basket balls with Melanie!

Next it was on to Skee Ball.
Alright! Another 10, 000 points! You would think that being so close he could at least get it in the 30,000 points! :) ha ha!
A plea for help... how do I get out of here!?
He was much happier in this smaller truck that was much closer to the ground!
Chance had a fabulous time! And like I said, he talks about going back to shoot baskets with Melanie, I'm pretty sure that was his favorite part. I completely forgot to get a picture of Gavin on this outing, but he was doing his usual, sleeping soundly in his car seat!

Fire Station Tour with the Scouts

Chance had been excited all day for scouts and even more so that I told him we were going to see a fire truck at the fire station. However, shortly after we arrived and started our tour, it was very apparent that he was not the slightest bit interested in the fire truck or in the tour at all. He had made a new friend, Lexy, who was the little sister of one of our scouts. They are the same age and they had a ball together.

I figured I should snap a couple shots before the tour started so I asked nicely, "Chance can I take your picture?" Can you tell what his answer was? :) Chance, why don't you get a closer look at that fire hose, I'm not quite sure you are close enough!

Gavin enjoying the tour.
Here are some of the scouts. We have got a whole herd of them!
After touring through the inside, Lexy and Chance were excited to get out into the garage and just run.
And run is what they did, back and forth and back and forth and all over!
One fleeting moment where they actually came back to the group.
Checking themselves out in that shiny bumper.... by the way, this is my favorite picture of this post!
They also stopped to say hi to Gavin every once in awhile. That was definitely something that Lexy was more interested in. Then Chance would pull Lexy back to the open side of the garage....

so they could continue their running! It's a good thing I wasn't too set on listening to the tour, because I didn't catch much of it, with watching these two crazy kids. Our tour started with one of the men on the ambulance crew, but early on in the tour, a 911 dispatcher come on the overhead speakers and they had to rush out to an emergency. So, our tour was picked up by one of the ladies on the fire fighting crew. Well, when the tour was almost done a dispatcher came over the loud speaker again and called them out to another emergency. So, we quickly filed out on the sidewalk and watched the fire truck rush away. That was probably the most exciting part of the whole tour! But we were glad that it was right at the end, so we didn't really miss much.

We had a great time! Chance absolutely loved running around that fire station, and I had a great time taking pictures of him doing it! :) Definitely not a typical tour for us, but we'll have to go back when he's a little older and a little more interested.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Date Night

Every day except Tuesday's and Thursday's, when Chance wakes up in the morning, we have something exciting to look forward to and talk about all day. Sunday- Nursery, Monday- Family Home Evening, Wednesday- playgroup and scouts, Saturday- Daddy's home which is fun in and of itself, and Friday I think is his favorite, it's date night. Since it is a little harder to get out on dates with just EJ and I, we have just started including the boys on our date nights. Chance loves it, and we have a good time doing something special as a family. I think Chance's favorite date night activity was McDonald's, until a couple of weeks ago. EJ planned a fun evening for us by first going to get sandwiches at Subway. Then we drove up to a parking lot for some trails which overlooked the mountains and lights of Denver. We folded the seats down, laid out a couple of pads and blankets and had a picnic. While we ate, Gavin hung out in the car seat just observing.

Chance proudly showing off his toy from his kids meal. I like that Subway is promoting health and exercise even with it's toys. What you do is push the middle button and wait for the light to stop blinking, whichever color it stops on determines what exercise you do out of 4 different exercises. Chance calls it his health watch.

Then after we finished eating, EJ put on a mountain biking movie called Roam. It had been lost for a long time and I recently found it. So both EJ and Chance had been anxious to watch it. By the way, Chance will seriously often ask to watch the biking movie or a skiing movie (warren miller's recorded on DVR.) Gee, I wonder where he gets it?! :) Ha ha!
Chance is still talking about a picnic and movie in the car. We'll definitely have to do this date again! :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009


For awhile after Gavin was born I was constantly trying to get a picture of my two little boys together. Typically Chance was uninterested and uncooperative. But I guess after a couple months of my trying, Chance was trained. So whenever he would sit next to Gavin he would say "my two boys, take a picture." Just as I had been saying for months. I of course took full advantage any time he said that and was able to get a few pictures of them together. He has since gotten tired of that, I guess, because he no longer suggests that I take a picture.

It looks like Chance is real fond of Gavin in this picture! He loves him so much he is helping him right off the couch.

It's so fun to have these two little brothers. I just know they will be great friends! :)

Friday, March 06, 2009


Gavin is 3 months old as of 3 days ago. I still feel like he is so little, but when I look back at the newborn pictures, I realize he has already grown so much!

He has been such a great baby. He is very happy, smiles and coos at us a lot, is fine just hanging out in his swing (but maybe that's because he has Chance running around him to keep him entertained), and usually sleeps 8-9 hours at night! What more could we ask for? We love this little guy and are so happy to have him in our family!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Finally- new family photos!

I have been anxious to get some new family pictures hanging on our walls, and am finally ready to print these few off. I was waiting to get some pictures with Chance and Gavin together and separately as well. So, two weekends ago we finally did our little photo shoot of just those two. It takes a lot of time and energy to get good pictures out of Chance- but after a lot of bribes and many tears, I think we got some winners! :) I have decided to go with sepia, since it matches the tones in our front room, what do you think?

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