Saturday, February 28, 2009


Gavin is almost 3 months old, so we figured, it's time to try swimming! :) We are very grateful for the rec centers that are part of the community, so we have access to several swimming pools. We don't use them as much as we thought, but I'm sure once summer rolls around, we'll be at the pool much more frequently.

Anyway, when we first hopped in the water, it was a little cooler than expected, but Gavin didn't seem to mind too much. His face displayed almost no emotion the whole time, he was just hanging out. Chance on the other hand was very concerned when we made him hold onto the wall instead of daddy's hand for a minute. After we had been there a little while, Chance got a little more comfortable and didn't have to hold on to us every second.
Gavin was pretty impassive with his floating toy as well. Like I said before- he was just hanging out.
Chance really liked having Gavin in the pool though. He thought that was really fun. Everything is more fun when you have a little friend to join you!
Chance and Daddy went down the slide a few times, which he liked, for the most part.
They also played with the steering wheel that would shoot water out into the pool.
Thank goodness for EJ and his willingness to play so much! I know Chance absolutely adores his Daddy!
Gavin was completely pooped by the end, he wasn't used to staying awake for so long. But to attest to what a good baby he is, even though he was so tired, he never cried or even whined once.

Speaking of "pooped" I have to share one little story. At the pool, they blow a whistle every hour which means, all kids have to get out for 5 minutes so the adults can enjoy the pool, splash free. At the end of one of these breaks, I decided to go hop back into the lazy river pool. I was the first one back in with Gavin, and I wondered why none of the kids had gotten back in yet. Well, I soon found out. Within seconds I had a life guard yelling at me to get out of the pool. I started to make my way to the stairs when she sternly told me again to get out of the pool, now! Geez, I wondered aloud, I thought the 5 minutes was up. That's when she said, no, we had to clear the pool because someone has pooped in there. Lovely. And here I am with Gavin in the poop contaminated water! Oh well, I guess that's what the shower is for!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend with Keith and Reva

The third weekend in January, Eric's parent's came out to visit. Thankfully we had some nice weather, so we could take them over to Roxborough. They loved it! They, like everyone else we've taken there, were surprised to see these types of rocks so close to Denver. It's just a little unexpected.
Here is a recap of our hike in photos.

Chance thought his grandparents needed a little extra push to make it back to the car. :)


After church, we took Keith and Reva over to see the Denver Temple. They have been here before, but it had been awhile. EJ and I love having the temple so close, and it is such a beautiful building.
It is always nice to walk around the temple grounds, to feel the peaceful spirit there. Chance gets excited to look up to the top of the temple and point out Moroni. We read children scriptures with him every night, and for some reason he has taken a real liking to Moroni! :)

As the sun set behind the temple, it just got prettier!

Sweet husband...

Two nights ago, EJ went to bed early. I stayed up to feed Gavin and then did some dinking around on the computer as Gavin fell asleep in my arms. After a little while I headed upstairs to bed. I tried my hardest to be very quiet as I layed Gavin in his bassinet and started to climb into bed. I couldn't see anything because my eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark room yet, but as I got into bed I immediately realized that I was climbing onto EJ. That of course woke him up! I started to laugh as I slid in next to him and commented on how he was on my side of the bed and that I was sorry for waking him. His response was so cute, which is the reason I am writing about the at all! He scooted over to make room for me and told me that he was sleeping on my side of the bed so that he could make sure that I would snuggle with him when I finally came to bed! I thought that was so sweet, and funny all at the same time. We laughed together as we cuddled up and soon fell asleep. I love this guy! :)


I didn't take a single picture during our Valentine's celebration, can you believe that!! But I wanted to document it, that way, next year we will be able to look back and know who's turn it is to plan! We take turns every other year planning and we tend to forget who planned it the year before!

EJ started off the week with a little note waiting for me in the kitchen when I woke up. In it he expressed his love and also a little act of service he would be doing that day. The next day I woke up hoping for another note, after looking around a little I found it on the washer, since I was doing laundry that day. Wednesday morning I knew for sure there would be a note, and he was creative in changing our screen saver on the computer to be a note from him. Thursday of course brought another note and Friday morning I couldn't find the note anywhere, until Chance got up. When I went to get him from his room I finally saw the note EJ had left for all of us. He was taking us to McDonald's and planned a movie night afterwards. Of course, this is Chance's favorite "date" to do with mommy and daddy!

On Saturday morning, the day of Valentine's, EJ had a boquet of chocolate dipped strawberries waiting for me, and I gave him a new skiing helmut which is something he has wanted for awhile. It's a bonus for me since it means a little more protection from the crazy stuff he does on the slopes. After he opened up his gift he asked me what I had planned for the day. I was taken back, since in the conversation we had the prior week, I thought it had been decided that it was his turn. But in reality, it was my turn, so I had to do some quick thinking. First thing was to head over to REI to exchange the helmut for a different size. And whenever we step into REI (EJ's favorite store) it always takes longer than planned. It basically took up our whole morning. On our way home, we stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a few groceries then headed home to put Chance down for his nap, only 1 hour late! While EJ was upstairs getting Chance into bed, I called the cell phone and did my best nervous teenager impression to ask if he and his sons would want to go on a date with me. When EJ posed the question to Chance it was a resounding yes- but I'm sure that's because Chance equates going on a date with McDonald's! I told him I would pick them up at 4:00pm in the basement. Even as I was asking him on this date, I was still unsure as to what we were going to do. But the plan slowly formed in my head as I ran out to do a couple more errands.

When 4:00pm rolled around, EJ and I were working on finances and didn't want to stop in the middle, but Chance was getting anxious. Finally, at 4:30 I went outside on the front porch and knocked on the door to pick up my dates. Our first activity was in the basement, playing "balls" which means, kicking soccer balls, running back and forth making touch downs with the footballs and bating and catching the baseballs. I left the boys alone for about half an hour at 5:00 so I could run up to make dinner. EJ had hinted about a lumberjack type of breakfast which he loves, and we rarely have. So, I made hashbrowns, eggs and sausage with OJ in goblets, and the chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. We ate dinner picnic style in the front room with the fireplace on and one light for mood lighting. While they were finishing up I ran to set up the "theater" in the family room. I pulled out the hide a bed and put out a couple heart balloons and valentine candy. I also lit a few candles for more of that mood lighting. We finished watching the movie Cars which we had started the night before but were unable to finish. Since the movie ended at 7:00pm and Chance was acting pretty grumpy, he got to go to bed early. Then, EJ and I got to cuddle up on the hide a bed and watch one of our romantic comedy's.

Though Gavin is not mentioned, he was there the whole time, sleeping through most of it, with a couple feeding's and a little awake time. He is such a great baby!!

But I had a great time on the date with my boys and really enjoyed planning things that I thought they would like. I also really enjoyed EJ making the entire week special for me with all his little notes and extra acts of service and love. I have sure got a great Valentine, and an extra two little Valentine's that I just love to pieces. What a great holiday to celebrate the love we share we each other!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bath time!

Since somewhere in the middle of January, this has been our bath routine. Thankfully Gavin really enjoys his baths. Chance likes his bath's too, as soon as we're done washing and rinsing his hair. But he really likes having Gavin in there with him, he thinks that's pretty fun. He also enjoys helping bathe Gavin by pouring water into the little tub, or giving toys to Gavin. But actually it is more like pouring water on Gavin and putting the toys on Gavin. So, we have to carefully monitor Chance's "help."
And then after bath's they get to hop into their animal towels made by Grandma Perkins. Chance absolutely loves his duck towel! And we think Gavin's froggy towel is just too cute! My mom makes a towel for every grandchild and has gotten very creative to come up with different animals for the grandkids.

Now we just need an animal towel for Daddy! :)

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