Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gavin's Blessing

We decided to go ahead and bless Gavin while we were in Utah. That way we could have our families all be able to participate. Two years ago, we also blessed Chance in Utah at my parent's house, so, this time we decided to do it at the Johnson's house. My mom and I, well, basically just my mom, made this adorable outfit for Gavin. We used some of the left over fabric that we still have from my wedding dress. And we used the same blessing blanket that my mom and I made a couple years ago when we blessed Chance. Only now we have added Gavin's name to the blanket. The plan is that with every child, we will embroider their name on one of the empty squares on the blanket. When they are older, they will all have their own blessing outfits, but I guess they will have to fight over who gets the blanket!

Anyway- I love how Gavin's little tuxedo turned out, he looked so handsome!

We were able to have most of our family there, except for Dan and Jen because they had to work, Mitch and Alison were still in the hospital from having Jordyn and Jared had flown back to Kansas to drive back with Ashley.
Here's the whole group.
EJ gave a very nice blessing. Among many things, he let Gavin know how much we loved having him in our family. He also let him know that his middle name was given to him after his Grandpa Perkins. He talked about several of the great qualities that his Grandpa Perkins possesses that we would encourage Gavin to seek after. And he also blessed him with many things that we would like for him to have in his life. Gavin was great during the whole blessing- he just slept right through it! :)
Johnson Grandparents

Perkins Grandparents

Our own little family

Chance loves his little brother, and loves giving him kisses!

Not only did Gavin sleep through the blessing, but we couldn't get him to wake up for any pictures right after either.
After the blessing, we all had dinner together, and everyone brought something to share. We had three different kinds of delicious soup, bread sticks, a veggie plate, and desserts. It was a great meal and a really great day, thanks to everyone who participated!
Halle, Hannah, Chance and Jared.
After we finished eating, we all just hung out around the table talking for awhile, and eating chocolate! :)

Grandpa Johnson can always be found tickling a child or two! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The week of Christmas in Utah

As always, we went to Utah for Christmas, and we were able to spend a little over a week and a half there. We had a great time with our families and friends.

One night we were at my sister's house, when it was time for bed, so, in following with our routine, we pulled out the children's Book of Mormon to read the scriptures with Chance. All the other kids decided to join in, it was really cute. But for some reason, we had settled in the hallway, who knows why. There are much bigger and more comfy places we could have chosen! Ha!Reading with all the kids!
And while the family was hanging out, my dad happened to slip away. We found him under the tree taking a nap.
It had been almost a whole month since Twilight came out in theater's and I still hadn't seen it! So, we got the girls in the family together and went to a late showing. We all really liked it. I was completely entertained. It may have helped that some of my friends told me they were disappointed with different aspects of the movie, so I went into it with absolutely no expectations, and I loved it. Can't wait for the next movie to come out. My family has a tradition on Christmas Eve to go to a movie and then out to dinner. It started when we were very little. My mom needed time to wrap and get everything ready for Christmas morning. My Dad would get us kids out of the house for a few hours by taking us to a movie. After a couple of years, my mom decided she wanted to join in the fun and thus began the tradition. When we were little, the theater's used to be empty on Christmas Eve. But now they are always full- I guess there are many other families who have the same tradition that we do!? This year we went and saw Bolt, it was a cute movie, and we had a fun time.

Afterwards we went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner. It is a fun place because you get to color on the table cloths!

Chance didn't know what to do with himself with all that chocolate from his sundae! :)
Then we went over to Temple Square to check out the lights. They never cease to amaze me. It's incredible how many lights they can get on a single tree! It is so beautiful!
Chance loves his cousins, except when one is trying to hold him still for a picture.

Christmas morning started around 8:00am, when Chance woke up. But we didn't make it into see the tree for a little while after that. EJ got up with Chance and fed him breakfast while I fed Gavin. Then we had to wake up Michael! When we finally made it in there, it was well worth the wait. A few of Chance's favorite gifts included a whole bunch of trains and train tracks, with the train table waiting for him back home in Colorado.
He also went crazy for his T-ball set. He wanted to play with it all day, and carry his bat around with him wherever he went. Gavin also had a good time hanging out and watching all the action.
I love the mountain of wrapping paper after all the gifts are opened. I purposefully don't clean it up for a little while, because I just think it is a fun part of Christmas morning to see all the paper. I don't know why I like it, I just do.
Perkins family, minus the father, who is taking the picture.
Later that afternoon, we headed over to the Johnson home for Christmas dinner, and some family time. Here are Chance and Jaycee enjoying their meal together. They were being pretty funny, I don't know how many times they stole food off each other's plates!
Then Grandma and Grandpa took all the grand kids downstairs to play, while all the siblings stayed upstairs and just talked. It was really nice.

The clean up crew.

cousin Ben
cousin Isaac
Uncle Mitch
Chance and Jaycee felt the need to help Ben with his piano solo.
I have no idea what was going on here, but it must have been cute, since we are all getting a picture! We opened up some more gifts after dinner, and Chance got a lot of help opening up his car city from G-ma and G-pa.
Can you note the enthusiasm on his face!? Ha ha!
I had to put this photo in here, just because I love his face in this one. He was definitely sick of pictures.
Soon it was time for bed. Here we are doing the routine scripture reading. The day after Christmas, we took advantage of a night skiing deal at Brighton, and went up with our friends Dave and Jenni Burns. It had been at least one year, maybe two, since I went skiing. So, it was fun to get on the slopes again.
We had a really fun time, even though it was zero degrees (not even joking), and one of the lifts was down- thus longer lines to get on the one remaining lift! Not the optimal conditions, but, like I said, we still had a ton of fun! We love the Burns'- they are great friends!

We also got to see some great friends that were in town from California. They grew up in Bountiful, so it was only a 10 minute drive from my parent's house to Haley's parents. It was so great to see Haley, Bryan and Eli. We miss them tons!
Chance still talks about his buddy Eli, so, it was fun to be able to reunite them for a few hours.
After visiting with the Taylor's we ran over to the Johnson home for the big Johnson family party. We hung out for a little while, before setting off to go sledding. I stayed behind with Gavin since we didn't think he would enjoy the cold too much, plus, I needed to work on his blessing outfit anyway! So, EJ took Chance and said that Chance really wasn't too thrilled with it. He was reluctant to go down the hill every time, and when they would get to the bottom, Chance would always exclaim "scary!"
Chance and Jared hanging out at the top of the hill- stalling perhaps...?
Ang and Steve showing us how it is done.
Chance is ready to go home. Keith brought along this weird contraption, which everyone loved and had to give it a try.
Gavin back at home hanging out with Aunt DebbieAll I can say is- so sweet!!

That night along with celebrating Christmas and doing the family gift exchange, we also celebrated the December and January birthday's. That includes Gavin, Jared Debbie and myself. So, they sang us happy birthday and we got to blow out some candles.

Afterwards was the gift exchange. The kids were all so excited to be unwrapping more presents that they all pretty much helped each other. It was pretty funny. And here is most of the Johnson siblings, except Dan and Jen who had to work, and Mitch and Alison, because they were in the hospital having their new baby girl Jordyn!
It was nice of Mitch and Alison to have their baby a couple days before we had to go home, so that we could go meet her! :) She is very cute and was almost the exact size that Gavin was at birth. She was 20inches long and 6 lbs 15 oz (if I remember right.) There are 3 babies on the Johnson side all born within 4 months of each other.
Here is Gracie the oldest of the three and Jordyn- the youngest.
Gavin is right in the middle of the two girls- lucky boy, we'll have 2 kissing cousins!! :)Then there are three 2 year olds all born within 4 and a half months of each other from the same families. They are really cute together as they have started to interact more and remember each other. I guess Jaycee is the lucky one of these three- when she is older I'm sure she will like having 2 boy cousins that will undoubtedly have cute friends to go out with! :) We had a fun time visiting with Mitch and Alison and meeting their sweet little Jordyn. Chance had a good time playing with his cousins and all of Jaycee's new Christmas toys. It looks like Grandpa had a good time playing with the toys as well!!

As our typical Utah vacations go, it was very fun and very busy! We are grateful for such great families and friends. It is always sad to say goodbye, but also nice to get home and get back into a normal routine- especially for Chance's sake!

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