Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

We had such a fun Thanksgiving! Since Gavin's due date was so close, we decided to not go anywhere and instead convince our family to come to us. It was the Johnson's turn to have us for thanksgiving, but they couldn't come because it was their year to do an extended family Thanksgiving. They had already committed to go to Uncle Brett's and Aunt Judy's. So, then we invited the Perkins side. We ended up with my Mom, Dad, Michael, Jared and his girlfriend Ashley.

We started off the week by meeting up with my cousin Eric Bushman, his wife Taryn and their little boy Aiden, who live about 45 minutes south of us. We went to Hammond's Candy Store and took a little tour of the candy making process.
Daddy helping Chance stay interested in the tour by explaining what was going on.

What a happy worker! :)

Chance found a little display of a whole town made out of candy, and when the tour had all moved on, he stayed glued to his spot. As far as he was concerned, looking at all the candy was much more interesting than looking at the people making the candy!

Here's the whole group, minus me, the photographer.

We all loved the free samples of candy that were given out. And apparently Jared and Ashley really liked the blue kind.

This is what happens when Jared gets a hold of the camera...

Candy cane, tug-o-war!

Chance was having a hay day! We had to keep a really close eye on him, because anything within reach was in danger of being opened.

Then we went into downtown Denver to check out the 16th street mall and make it over to the library. We had heard they had a really fun children's section, and it did not disappoint. Chance and Aiden had fun playing with the puzzles, animals, games, blocks and even glancing at a few books. My dad and I even found a huge checkers set which we played and he beat me badly! But in my defense, I was making hurried moves without thinking, because I knew we needed to leave soon! So, Dad, I declare a rematch!! :)

On our walk back to the mall area, we walked through a very cool plaza just across from the capitol building. Jared and EJ found a little hole in the ground that they knew just what to do with. The goal was to try and get as far away from it, and then see if you can spit into it!
Hopefully their aim was pretty good, for the sake of the person on the bottom!
Then we stopped by a little cafe on our way home for dinner.
Here we are on Thanksgiving day doing what everyone in the nation is doing.... cooking! Except for Jared of course, who thought a good arts and crafts project would be to paint mom.
The whole group with the table set and food ready to be devoured!

And the funny faces, of course. We had such a yummy dinner, so much good food and great leftovers for the rest of the week. When Jared asked Chance what he thought, they both agreed it was a thumb's up!

In fact, Chance thought it was so good, he decided to get rid of his wimpy little plastic fork, and opted for the serving size turkey fork. Bigger bites that way, you know.
Mom was so proud of the good manners that Jared was displaying! Ha ha! Actually, this was a very tricky shot to try to cover up the spoon, which Jared was actually holding, and make it look like the potatoes were just in his hands. I think it turned out very convincing!

We had several kinds of pie- Apple, Banana Cream, Pecan and here Chance is enjoying the classic Pumpkin pie.
The day after Thanksgiving, we decided to go burn off some of those calories by going on a hike to our nearby, and new found favorite, Roxborough State Park. We just can't get enough of those awesome Red Rocks!
Unfortunately, Michael had to take his truck into the shop on that day to get it fixed, so he wasn't with us on this little excursion.
Chance became quite intrigued with a little hole in a rock which he could stick his fingers through. Fascinating! :)
Since this will be our first year with a normal sized Christmas tree, I was worrying about my lack of ornaments and how pathetic the tree was going to look. So, by my request, the family took it upon themselves to collect pine cones to put on our tree. They collected so many that I not only had enough for the tree, but enough to decorate above the fireplace with them. They turned out looking great, as long as you don't touch them since they are very spiky! Hopefully Ashley is not inspecting her hands because she drew blood... sorry about that Ashley!

It's a good thing we took advantage of the warm weather on Friday, because the next day it snowed and so it was time to make a snowman! Chance, as always was a big helper, offering his snowball to Jared, though, knowing Chance, he was actually probably preparing to throw that at Jared. Chance loves a good snowball fight and surprisingly isn't afraid of getting hit with a snowball either.
The only problem he had was trying to keep those mittens on. Here Ashley is putting them back on for maybe the 2nd time, or 3rd time or who knows, I lost count. When you're that close, your bound to hit your target!
This kid loves playing in the snow... can you tell from that face?
And finally, the end product. A huge snowman with arms and legs (that's what those weeds are that are sticking out) and what appears to be a huge goiter on his neck. Poor guy! Too bad he didn't last very long. Since he was built a little crooked, when the sun came out the next day and started melting him, it didn't take long for him to fall over.
We had a great week and we were very sad when everyone started leaving on Sunday. We started missing them the moment they left!

At the time of Thanksgiving it is always nice to reflect on our blessings, and we can say that we are truly grateful for the wonderful families that we have, both the Perkins' and Johnson's. It is a great blessing to have such supportive parents and siblings. We are also grateful for our new home in which we were able to host and have a place for everyone to stay. We hope to have many more visitors to make use of that extra space!

Friday, November 14, 2008

first snow of the season

Chance was not very happy as I got him ready to go outside. He was not loving his snow clothes and kept trying to get them off as he exlaimed, "too big!" But as soon as we got outside, he was loving it.

By far, his two favorite things were eating the snow...

And the other favorite thing was building a snowman, or rather, watching mom build the snowman...then knocking it down by jumping on it!
And then trying to build it back up. :)
We had a great time playing in the snow for the first time this season! Can't wait for more snow, so we can make a bigger snowman! :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Yes, it's true, another post!! ;) Yes, I am still alive, and nope, no baby yet, though I'm only 3 weeks away from my due date now! Wo-hoo! :)

Anyway, I thought I would force myself, and use what little energy I have these days, to get up some pics from Halloween.

We had an awesome Halloween. EJ and I decided that Halloween is so much more fun with kids. It was fun to see everything through Chance's eyes, which is way more exciting. The first time we put Chance's costume on, for our ward party, he wasn't very happy, and we had to distract him with a treat. But after that, we think he started to equate his costume with candy and was pretty excited to put on his costume for the other parties we had.

Like I mentioned, the first party was at the church- dinner, games and trick or treating. And our costumes this year were probably pretty typical of pregnant women every where.

If you can't tell, I was a bun in the oven, EJ was the chef and Chance was a cinnamon roll, and what a cute cinnamon roll!

Our next party was a neighborhood one with dinner, pumpkin carving and a magician! we had a great time and we were grateful to get to know some of our neighbors a little better.
Chance was a great help with the pumpkin carving!

And our last party was EJ's office party for all the employees kids. They did a great job with lots of fun activities and some great trick or treating to the individual offices. Chance got more candy there than we knew what to do with.
They had pumpkin decorating...
which left Chance's hands a nice shade of green,

and they had Halloween tattoo's! Chance couldn't get enough of those and ended up with three.

EJ even got a tattoo.
They had balloon decorating
and of course, as I mentioned the trick or treating. Here Chance is observing the decorations in what looks like wonder and amazement. :) This is also the best picture I have of what Chance's cinnamon roll looked like.

Every child there won a costume award and Chance won the "sweetest costume." Here he is accepting his award.

A better shot of what the bun in the oven looked like,
and one more of the family. Notice that Chance's hands are now red instead of green from decorating his balloon with a red marker.

Right when we got home from the office party, it was time to go trick or treating. Since EJ and I weren't planning on wearing our costume's around the neighborhood, and Chance's costume didn't make any sense without us, we had a costume change. Here is our little cowboy. My mom made this cowboy costume for my older brother when he was 2- so it's been around for awhile.

Chance loved the trick or treating, and we had a lot of fun watching his excitement.

By the end of the night he had accumulated a lot of candy and here he was proudly displaying his goods.

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