Saturday, October 18, 2008

Denver zoo

Who doesn't love the free day at the zoo?! Well, besides the huge crowds that is. :)

Back in October we decided to take advantage of the free day and Chance loved it! The last time we were at the zoo he was too young and didn't know the names or the sounds of the animals. This time around it was a whole new experience. In fact, after we got home, he talked about the zoo for days.
There were a few animals that he loved watching and the giraffe's were some of those. Unfortunately, the giraffe doesn't make any noises that we're aware of, so we can't ask, "what does the giraffe say?"

Happily watching some ducks and birds in a little pond.

I had never before heard a hippo make noise before until that day. He was swimming around and when he came up for air, his nose came out of the water and he blew bubbles and made a loud barking sort of noise. It startled us at first because it was so loud.
This rhino must have been hungry because he would pace back and forth, then go hit the doors, where his food comes out, with his horn's. They were big heavy duty metal doors and yet the rhino had clearly made large dents in them. Yeah, I would definitely not want to come across an angry rhino!
This is us making monkey noises for the camera in front of one of the monkey exhibits.

And I just loved this shot so I had to throw it in.

We thought this bears positioning was so funny. He was just hanging out there in the tree, though he does look pretty comfortable.
Chance roaring at the bears.

All the monkey's were very tranquil, just sitting in one place, except for one who was swinging all over the place and putting on a show.
He was very entertaining.

This monkey had a tiny new born baby in her arms.

Gotta love those big gorillas!

Who knew we had our own plaza at the zoo? Pretty neat. ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Last week was absolutely crazy! We had several family members come visit to specifically help us with our house improvements. So, with the extra help, we installed a laminate floor, installed and carpeted an extra stair, painted kitchen cabinets, painted 2 bedrooms, tiled 3 bathrooms and during the whole thing had to keep 4 little kids happy. Yeah, it was exhausting- I will definitely be posting some pictures because everything turned out so great!!

So, on Sunday, Eric, Chance and I took a much needed break from working on our home, and we took a little drive to check out the leaves changing colors. In California, there wasn't much change in the trees during the fall, so we were excited to experience it here, and we were definitely not disappointed!

Here are a couple of shots from the drive.

And in other news, I am 33 weeks pregnant and going strong. With the last pregnancy, Chance would already be 2 weeks old at this point, so I am thrilled to be this far along. It is funny, because I never experienced this part of pregnancy and I am starting to understand when other women talk about the discomforts of pregnancy. It is definitely getting harder to bend over, or to even breath sometimes. I find myself sitting with an arched back at times, to give my lungs a little more room. And I have started feeling those lower back pains. However, even with the added discomforts, we couldn't be happier!!
It is constantly in our prayers that I won't get pre-eclampsia again, even Chance has got it down. When we help him with his prayers we'll say "please bless" and then let him fill in with what he wants to say. Without fail, the first thing he will say is "bless baby mommy's tummy."

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