Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthday party take two

When we got back to Colorado, we had another little party for Chance on his actual birthday- September 11th. It was just a small party with only Eric, Chance and I. We took a little bike ride over to the park and played for awhile on the playground.

Eric was giving Chance some underdog's and Chance was loving it. I don't think I have ever seen him enjoy the swings so much.

Then we biked back home to have dinner and the rest of the celebration.

Which of course involved another cake. I decided to keep it simple this time around and did a tres leches from a box. It was yummy!!

And then on to presents.

The big present this year was his tricycle which he was absolutely thrilled about, as you might be able to tell from his face.

We had to go outside right then and try it out.

And then we had to get out his train and try that out too. Needless to say, he was a happy little boy!

So, now we have a two year old in the house, and I am loving it. He has definitely enhanced our lives. He has become so vocal, and I love hearing the new words he learns and how he can put things together in his mind. He makes me laugh all the time and makes my heart melt with his random kisses and his sweet prayers. He truly is a gift to our family.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chance turned two!

At the beginning of September, we took another trip to Utah so EJ could do some recruiting for his company at BYU. Chance and I of course had to tag along! It was good timing because it happened to be the weekend before Chance's second birthday, so we threw a family birthday party for him.

If anyone knows my family, they know that my mom and sister have always done awesome cakes for every birthday. Well... Chance's last birthday cake that I made I'm sure was not up to par, so this year Maren helped me create a train for Chance.

After a couple of tastes of the frosting, we realized our tongues were a nice shade of a bluish/grayish color. It was very cute.
Here I am, very proud of the finished project! Thanks Maren for all the help!
Since it was still nice weather and my in-laws have great neighbors that generously share their swimming pool, we decided to do a swimming party. It couldn't have been a better day, it was so warm and sunny, and almost all of our family were there. We were just missing one of Eric's siblings and his family due to work.

Here are the ladies that didn't get in the pool. Everyone else however ventured into the water.

EJ introducing Chance to the water slide
Jared doing a flip of the diving board.
And then EJ and Jared decided to go together. Jared was nice enough to not only plug his nose, but to plug EJ's as well.
Just hanging out

Grandpa Johnson and cousin Jaycee taking a turn at the water slide
Nice form Maren!

EJ's olympic worthy handstand dive... sort of. :)

Chance was really anxious to open his presents, he tried to sneak into them a couple of times. Such a big boy, 2 years already!
Taking a break from all the fun

As soon as we got the food out for lunch these little boys made their way over to the table. They were trying their hardest to reach something, anything, on that table.

And... success!! They were able to snag some chips to sneak while nobody was looking.
This is Chance's look of "mom, do you really need to take more pictures!?"
Enjoying a yummy lunch.
Grandma and Great-grandma Johnson- they were both injured at the time, so this is where they hung out for the entire party. Reva had a broken ankle and Grandma had broken her leg.

It's time for the cake!
He has definitely figured things out and gets very excited to blow out his candles.
And then it was time for the presents
What does the monkey say?
Thanks to our families for making the party so much fun and for all the nice presents. It was a great way to celebrate!
Our flight home from Utah was Chance's last free flight... what a sad day. He really enjoys flying, but on this last flight, the take off was making him really nervous. It made us laugh because he reached over and held my hand, but kept his eyes on the window. Then, the second we were in the air, he dropped my hand and was as happy as could be!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Four Year Ago...

Four years ago today I made the best decision in my life by choosing to marry Eric. The wedding was everything I could have asked for and the man I was standing next to was and still is the man of my dreams.

Happy Anniversary Honey. I love you even more today than I did four years ago! :)

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