Wednesday, August 20, 2008

California fun...

Ever since moving to Colorado, things have been busy with working on the house, and blogging has been put on the back burner, So, here I go, finally starting the updates- I know this is a big project to take on, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to get caught up on all of my posts. So, I have to go back and get a couple of past activities. This post is some of the last things we did in California before moving to Colorado.

Of course, a favorite was swimming at the pool in our apartment complex.

Chance applying his own sun screen

Learning how the water gun works

You gotta love that cute little bum!

Last hike we took with Haley and Eli in the open space
This may look like a tackle, but I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a hug! :)
We went to Tilden Park with some friends- the Mcfadden's, Bauer's and Taylor's, where Chance really enjoyed watching and feeding the animals.

After spending some time at the farm we headed over to ride the train
best buddies :)
One of our very last adventures before moving was the Elder's Quorum camp out on Mount Diablo at the end of June. We had a great time hanging out around the campfire with those friends.
We also enjoyed the beautiful sunset that evening.

The next morning we headed to the top of Mount Diablo to have one last overview look. Here are EJ and Chance checking out the compass on top.
Then EJ rode all the way home from the top of the mountain. Since we don't have many biking pictures of him, we took the opportunity to snap a couple of shots. Whew, What a hottie! :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

We made it to Colorado!

Wow- we're finally here! One thing is for sure, it is so nice to be done with all that packing!! Talk about a headache. This is what our apartment looked like for several days before we actually loaded up the truck.
Thankfully we had lots of helpers to load the truck... including Chance who loved "helping" daddy lift those heavy boxes. A common phrase we have been hearing from Chance lately is "help you." Which either means- help me, or let me help you. So cute, I love it!
A humongous thank you to Seth Holladay, Mark Meyer, Jason Kelley, Bryan Holt, Rob and Michelle Christiansen! We couldn't have done it without you! Also, thank you to Amanda Coronel for helping me clean the next day!

An awkward and heavy piece of equipment- the elliptical, being taken down the stairs. I was glad it was Rob and Mark and not me!!

Chance was very entertained and enjoyed watching the whole process. Such a cute little packer.

Holding up the cargo!

After the truck was loaded and it was about time to go to bed, Eric and I started asking each other if either one of us had remembered to get out the air mattress as planned.... nope, we hadn't. So, this was our bed that first night in our empty apartment! At least we had kept out a few towels, 2 blankets and some sheets- but they didn't offer much padding. We are grateful for the Bauer's letting us borrow their air mattress for the next night, and for the Dyer's letting us borrow theirs for our first night here in Colorado, before our truck arrived. It definitely made a big difference for our old aching backs!! :)

It was such a weird feeling to be in our completely empty apartment. Chance had a good time running around pretending to be an airplane and kicking a soccer ball.

Our drive out to Colorado was absolutely gorgeous. We took the long way, which happens to be the more scenic way. We figured since we had a little extra time, why not? I think a big contributor was also the fact that we would be staying a night in Grand Junction which has some great mountain biking. So, EJ got up early on Monday morning to hit the trails for a little bit. He can't wait to go back to explore some more.
As we were going into Grand Junction we passed through a little afternoon storm, which made the sky so beautiful. Here are a couple of shots from that.

There were so many other beautiful things we saw, but I didn't have my camera ready, so the next time we drive that way, I am keeping my camera next to me! One of the highlights for the drive was passing through the resort town of Vail. I couldn't help but laugh when EJ told me he was actually getting chills because it was so exciting for him to see it. As soon as the snow flies, I am sure he will start planning a skiing trip!
We arrived on Monday July 28th, dropped Chance off at the Dyer's to be babysat (thank you again Diana!!) And went straight to our new home, did a quick walk through then straight to signing the papers. After that was done and we had picked up Chance, we had to go shopping for a refrigerator! We bought one that night, but unfortunately had to wait 5 days for delivery. It was interesting trying to live out a cooler for the next several days.
Then the next night our truck arrived, and several guys from our ward came out to help us move it all in. Also, that night my cousin Eric Bushman and his wife brought us dinner and helped us unload the truck- it was so great to have a real meal! Thanks you guys! And since then it has just been unpacking, organizing and planning all the home renovations we are going to do. Those will start in a couple of weeks, so I will make sure to have some before and after shots- I can't wait!
So, anyway, this is the new house. We are excited to be here and have enjoyed it so far. I'm sure it will get even better once we actually make some friends! Ha ha! ;)

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