Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Goodbye beloved bay area!

Well, today is the day the truck arrives and we will be loading everything up! It has been busy trying to get everything packed for the last several days, so it will be a relief to finally get it into the truck. I have honestly been missing blogging, so I'm sorry I have been M.I.A. for the past while, hopefully when we arrive in our new place and get unpacked, then I will have more blogging time.

It makes me sad when I think about leaving, we have so many good memories! We are really going to miss this place. Most of all I think we will miss our wonderful friends. It really is hard to say good-bye. We can't thank you enough for the friendships and love we have felt from everyone. I don't think I can ever fully express how much you mean to us and how much we love you.

I thought in remembrance of our 4 years spent here, I would go back through our pictures and pick out a few of our favorites that cover the different things we've experienced. It was really hard to pick just a handful of pictures, I could really go on for pages and each of these pictures brings back a great memory. There are just too many awesome things to see around here, but I really tried my best to narrow it down. :)

Golden Gate Bridge

Walnut Creek Open Space

Sunset off of Fisherman's Wharf

Oakland, San Francisco and the Bay Bridge

Oakland Temple

Yosemite National Park's Half Dome

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Poppy field- California state flower

Tide pooling

Chinese New Year Parade

The Redwoods

Lake Tahoe

Mount Tamalpais

Angels Camp


Backpacking in Utah

When I was about 4 months pregnant last time, we climbed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, so, why not go back packing at just over 4 months pregnant this time...?

However, this time we were much more nervous, since the last pregnany didn't last as long as we would have liked. So, I was really pampered. I only carried Chance for a little ways before my father in law took over, leaving his pack hidden on the side of the trail. He and EJ sped ahead to the top, then he turned around and went back to pick up his own pack, while EJ set up camp and watched Chance. The same thing happened on the way down, my father in law took his own pack to the bottom then came back up to carry Chance down. So, basically, I got to go backpacking without hardly ever carrying a pack! It was so nice, and I was very grateful!

We decided to stay close to civilization in case anything happened, and it was just a quick 2 night trip. So, we went up the mountains in Salt Lake behind Brighton ski resort. It was gorgeous! We had a great time, and it was so fun to have both sets of parents with us. I was totally impressed with my mom- it was her first ever backpacking trip at age 60! She did a great job, along with the rest of our parent's. I hope to still be hiking when I am their age.

For the first little while, we were hiking right next to the ski lift. It was a little weird, because when we go backpacking it is usually out in the wilderness somewhere where you don't see anybody. There is EJ and Keith hiking ahead of us. Break time. There's my awesome dad
and wonderful mom and mother in law.

Chance and Grandma Johnson
Hanging out around the campfire
Oddly enough, Chance was not too fond of getting his hands dirty

Eating breakfast at our nice kitchen table

Chance didn't sleep very well the first night and was so tired that he just fell asleep while I was holding him. That never happens!! It was nice to just hold my little boy and read a book.

Just haning out in the tent

I love seeing the flowers growing in the most unlikely of places, like being surrounded by snow;
or peeking up right out of rocks! It is amazing.

Dad, holding up the tree so it doesn't slide down the mountain.

We took a little day hike up to Lake Catherine. We really enoyed getting higher up and seeing some great view's.
What appeared to be a small glacier that we passed on the way up
Snow balls, in July?
Here's a great view of Lake Mary and Lake Martha. Our camp was right in between those two lakes. Talk about a great camping spot!

Lake Catherine
Our chipmunk friend that showed up as soon as we pulled out our snack's. He was pretty entertaining.

Unfortunately, even with our flower experts, we did't know the name of this flower, but just had to get a picture because it is so interesting.
This one is called Columbine.

After a long hike, we need to do stretches,
and then show off our muscles!
After our 3 day 2 night stay, it was time to go home. Here we are just starting our hike back down the mountain.

We loved all the beautiful wild flowers. And thank goodness we had my mom and Reva along to tell us the names of all the flowers!

It was a very fun backpacking trip and very beautiful!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July trip to Utah

At the beginning of July we took a trip to Utah and arrived just in time to drop off Chance at my in-law's to go to bed, and then we went to watch fireworks with my family on the 3rd of July; which happens to also be my big brother's birthday!

We had a lot of fun hanging out with the family and playing with our glow in the dark necklaces.

The whole crew

The next morning we got up and went to the local 4th of July parade.

The whole family enjoying the parade and the hot weather!!

That afternoon we headed over to my sister in laws for an evening celebration... Happy Brithday America! :)

We played some games with water balloons

which the little boys loved. As soon as the bucket of balloons were brought out, they didn't venture far away from that bucket.

We also had a marshmallow fight with little pvc pipes used as the shooters.

Chance wasn't really into it, until he realized what those little white things on the ground were. Then he was busy picking up the marshmallows and putting them in his mouth.

We finished off the night with a home firework show.

The next day we headed over to a local train museum where we got to ride a little train around the park. Needless to say, Chance loved it!
I just had to get a picture of Chance and Brendan, in their overalls.

Since we were watching fireworks on Michael's actual birthday, we celebrated his birthday a couple of nights later.

Unwrapping presents and...


EJ was lucky because he also got a present to open up on Michael's birthday. I had gone shopping with my mom and sister when we found this flash costume and we had to buy it. The reasoning is because the brother's in my family have given EJ a biking nick-name as "the flash" because he goes so fast on the up hill that he just flashes right past them. As you can tell, EJ loved the gift! :)

One afternoon we went over to my sister's house and played in her little kiddie pool.

Then EJ figured out a way to attach the hose on the trampoline so it was spraying them. Who doesn't love jumping on the tramp with water spraying, on a hot summer day!?

One evening, with EJ's family, we headed up to the mountains for dinner. We roasted hot dogs and s'mores and had a great time!

Chance had to give Jared a kiss and say sorry for hitting. So cute!

Chance hanging out with Grandpa.

With EJ's family we also spent a day boating and playing in the water at Pineview reservoir.

Here are the 3 cousins all the same age.

After lunch was over, we caught these two sneaking back for more watermelon.
Chance and I hanging out on the boatEJ- nice cut!!
Since I was pregnant, there was no water skiing for me :( but at least we had a couple of wave runners that I could play on!

And Chance's favorite place to take nap's- in a pack and play in the great outdoors.

One afternoon with my family we took a bike ride on some back trails that go behind Lagoon. We stopped mid ride and had a little picnic.
When we reached Farmington pond, we stopped to throw rocks in the water, enjoy the scenery and feed the ducks.

The boys weren't too excited about leaving the ducks and getting back into the trailer, thankfully we had a couple of suckers to give them to make that transition easier.

Here's the whole biking family! :)

Kyle was looking behind him and didn't see that the trail turned a little, so he ran right into the grass. It was pretty funny.

We also enjoyed a Salt Lake City "Real" soccer game. It was so fun, even though we lost.

Thank you to the Hubrich's who gave us the tickets!!
I just love watching soccer.

I was able to fit in a lunch to see some of my high school friends. It is always fun to just chat and catch up. I love these girls!

Chance and his cousin Hannah showing off their new hair do's.
And lastly, one of the main reasons for going out to Utah at the time that we did was for EJ's 10 year high school reunion! 10 years already is unbelievable, it just goes so fast. Luckily for me, we went to the same high school, I was just a year younger, so I had just as much fun reconnecting with old friends. On friday night it was just the alumni with spouses for a dinner and some entertainment. Then on Saturday it was a family day for lunch and playing on the big blow up toy. It was a lot of fun, the committee did a really great job at putting the reunion together.
I think EJ had just as much fun as Chance did in the blow up toy! ;)
When EJ took Chance down the slide, another little boy decided to join them. I guess it was less scary with an adult to hold onto.

As you can tell, it was a very busy, action packed little trip to Utah. We had such a great time, but that's not all... next post will be the quick backpacking trip we took while in Utah. :)

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