Thursday, June 19, 2008


We went and tried out a little amusement park made especially for young kids. I thought Chance might enjoy the slower, easy going rides, but I was wrong. He was pretty much afraid of everything there. We were able to go on the carousel, but when they stopped it half way through for another reason, Chance wanted off. He did make it through the whole tea-cup ride, but I think that was because Chance was sitting on my lap for half of the ride!
Right before we left the park we watched the older kids ride the roller coaster. Just watching that thing freaked Chance out and by the time we left the park he was quite upset, as you can see in the picture, but as soon as we got to the car he was totally fine. I guess we'll have to wait another year to try an amusement park!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eric's birthday

I haven't been able to get up a post yet about Eric's birthday a couple of weeks ago. I took him shopping for some new running shoes and shirts for work. Then I took him to a steak house in town that he has been wanting to visit. It is in the old train station and we actually sat in a train car in our own little compartment. It was really neat, and the restoration of the train car was so beautiful.

Happy 28th!! But I think Eric's favorite gift came the week after his birthday. My family shipped his bike to him. The night it arrived he got it all set up and went for a ride the very next morning! He had really been missing his bike.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Music and Market

Every Thursday through-out the summer a neighboring city puts on what they call music and market. The venue is the downtown plaza where they erect a large stage for a band to perform, and on the perimiter they put on a farmer's market. We were introduced to this last year by some friends (thanks Mackenzie) and we loved it, who doesn't love live music outdoors?

So, last week we went for the first time this year. We had a great time- we loved the band, it was a cover band so they were playing all the hits from every era. And we got some delicious produce. It's amazing the taste difference from fresh to store bought fruit!!

(For some reason I just liked this picture better in black and white)

Chance enjoyed dancing and clapping along to the music.

He also enjoyed playing around with daddy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yet another hike :)

Seeing as how we are going backpacking in one month, and I need to be in shape to do it, any hike I can get in is great! Thankfully, my friend Haley wants to go on hikes whenever she can, which gets me going as well. So, last week we went on a good one, past a couple of ponds.

This pond was called Bull Frog pond for good reason. As we got close to the pond we heard what we thought was a cow. It sounded just like a deep "moo." However, once we studied the water closer and heard the noise again, we realized the noise was coming from the bull frogs, and the pond was covered with them. It was hard to spot them at first with all the algae and moss on the water, but we started noticing the little eyes poking out of the water. It was pretty cool. I think Haley and I enjoyed it more than the boys did, since they couldn't seem to spot the frogs and didn't seem too interested anyway. They were just excited when we sat down for some snacks! I had to post some pictures from this hike just because it was so pretty. I know it's just weeds, but it is so golden and they are so tall right now that it really is breathtaking!
Haley and Eli- they make a great hiking team! :)

Monday, June 09, 2008


Over Memorial Day weekend we played it very low key. It was actually very nice to not go any where and just have a few days of relaxing and catching up at home. We did go on a beautiful hike in some redwoods that are only about 20 minutes from us.

Chance was a big fan of the crunchy leaves, though usually he stomps on them, at this moment he wanted to swat at them I guess.
They had tons of groupings of these sweet little blue flowers growing under the trees.
And of course the trees were absolutely magnificent. I am always amazed at the redwood trees and how tall and big they can get.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Chance and his buddy

Chance loves it when we get to babysit his friend Eli! :) You can't tell very well, but here they are holding hands- so cute!
We took the boys downtown to throw pennies into the fountain. While we were there a couple of ladies asked us if the boys were twins, they were really surprised to learn that they aren't even related.
Chance was all about throwing the pennies, Eli on the other hand did not want to let his pennies go, I guess he is learning how to save already. But once Chance was out of his pennies, he quickly took care of Eli's extra pennies that were laying there, and into the water they went. Big hugs!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


We had so much fun camping with my family in Moab a few weekends ago. It was toasty warm down there, but not too bad. So we enjoyed some hanging out around the camp fire, eating, playing at the park... but most of all biking.

So, the boys in the family went biking every possible minute they could. My sister and I joined them on one bike trip to the world renowned "Slick Rock." Before I talk about this ride, let me give a little history first...

I was introduced to mountain biking in 2004 when Eric and I were engaged- it was a pretty bad introduction seeing as how I was scared to death most of the ride and I fell several times, which included some good cuts and scrapes And cracking my helmet (not an easy thing to do.) And since then, my biking has been very limited. Since Eric sold his old bike that I was using, awhile ago, I haven't even had a bike to ride- not that it really mattered with all the biking I did in the first place. But in Moab, we knew that I needed a bike, I had to go biking at least once- Moab is one of the biking Mecca's of the world! So, we had planned that I was going to borrow one of my brother's bike's- even though it wasn't really going to fit me.

On the other hand, Eric had a new bike waiting for him when we got to Utah. His bike had been stolen in April from the parking garage in his office building. He had rode it in to work one day, and when he went to get it to go home, it was gone. But with the help of our renter's insurance, we were able to order him a new bike for a great deal because my big brother works in a bike shop and gets great discounts.

When we arrived at my brother's on our way down to Moab, I was watching Eric happily test out his new ride, when I noticed a really cute purple bike laying in the grass. I thought it looked just perfect for me, and I asked aloud if this was the bike I got to borrow, as I picked it up and sat on the seat. No one said anything until Eric came back around the lawn on his new bike. When he saw me sitting on the cute purple bike he asked my siblings if I had figured it out. I sat there in confusion for a minute as to what in the world he was talking about, when my sister said, "yup, it's the bike you get to borrow, for forever!" Eric had surprised me and had ordered this sweet new bike for me, from my brother. I was so excited, even with my limited biking. But with such a sweet ride, I feel more inclined to go biking now.

So, with our new bikes, off to Moab and Slick rock we went!

It's tradition to always take a picture holding your bike in the air. But by the way I'm holding my bike, it looks like I'm a total wimp and struggling under the weight, but really I just didn't want to lift it too high to cover my brother's face! I'm actually really strong... honest. :)

I felt so much more comfortable on this bike than I have ever felt, and by the end of the ride I was much more daring and willing to go down steeper terrain. Because my new bike is especially made for a woman, it fit me much better than Eric's old bike that I was riding. It is a lot more comfortable, and on top of that I totally love the paint job- it is purple and white. the purple matches my helmet! I know, such a girly thing to think about, but I just can't help it!

Even though I did get braver, I never got to the point that I was willing to go off jumps. Instead, I opted to take pictures of the boys doing the jumps!
Here's my honey.

Aren't we such a cute couple! :) ha ha!

Here's my little bro near the end of the trail- "We did it!"

When we weren't biking we enjoyed a nice picnic in the park

hanging out on the hammock with Elise, or "leese" as Chance says it

the little boys enjoyed squishing in the 2 seater bike trailer and going for walks

It didn't matter to them who was pushing!

And they loved swinging at the play ground which was conveniently located in our camp ground
When it was time to pack up and head home, it was right during Chance's nap. Fortuantely, we have a child that will sleep anywhere, so we set up the pack and play outside and just covered it with a blanket. A few times I walked by, I could see him peeking out the mesh underneath the blanket, but soon enough, he was sound asleep.

I had forgotten to get a shot of our camp site before we tore down the tents, so just imagine this plot with four tents set up. Thankfully we had that one tree for shade.

On the drive home, we stopped by a park to have a picnic lunch and get a picture of the whole family before we went our seperate ways... until next time.

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