Friday, May 30, 2008


While we were in Utah we got in some good family time. We were happy to be able to see all of the Johnson siblings, and excited to hear that there are 3 other couples that are pregnant, and all are due within 4 months of each other! It will be a lot of fun!

We also had a really good time going camping with my family down in Moab (pictures coming soon.) But a highlight for Chance was playing with his cousins and jumping on the trampoline at my sister's house. It was so funny because he would run full on into his cousins and tackle them. He is normally so shy that it seemed very out of character for him. But as he is getting older I can tell that he is coming out of his shell little by little.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mother's Day Surprise

Chance had a fun time making garden stepping stones for his Grandma's for Mother's Day. We gave him some colorful stones to drop into the wet cement, but the first thing he did was stick both hands straight in and squish it between his fingers! And we actually thought that we could possibly get a hand print... yeah right. Every time his hand got close to the cement, he just wanted to squish it- we could tell he was having a good time.
He also wanted to see what the cement tasted like, so, up to the mouth went his little hands. For the most part I was able to successfully keep them out of his mouth, but I think he might have snuck a little while I was looking down.
Then on Mother's Day, we flew out to Utah to spend a week. We were excited to be able to be with our Mother's on Mother's Day. And they were excited when Chance showed up in this shirt!

My family got it right away, except for my Dad, we had to point it out to him. :) It took the Johnson family a little longer to notice, it was fun watching and waiting for the realization to take place. It was a fun way to announce. And we are very excited for baby #2- Due Nov. 30th.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hiking with Rothstein Kass

Eric's office planned a company hike up on Mount Diablo which is very close to home. There were two different hikes, the moderate and the easy one. We went on the easy hike so that Chance could walk most the time, and he actually did. The company also hired professional guides to take us on our hikes. Our guides were two older gentlemen that knew just about everything there is to know about our surroundings. When they said the hike would be easy, they weren't kidding. It seemed like we would walk a few feet, then we would stop and our guide would tell us the name of a plant or a flower or show us a rock formation, etc. It was really easy going, but very informative as well! We really enjoyed it!

Throughout this whole post you may notice that Chance is holding his sippy in every picture. We gave him some Gatorade and once he had a taste we wouldn't put it down, or let anyone else carry it. So we found out that this boy loves Gatorade!

Thanks to our guide, we learned that this flower is called the Fairy's Lantern- I thought that was such a cute name and totally fitting.

And of course we have some Indian Paintbrush, which seems to be on every mountain side. We felt pretty smart because we already knew the name of this flower! ;)
Chance wanted to be like the big boys and tried climbing after them.

We went to rock city where there were obviously a lot of rocks along with lots of fun places to climb around on and a great view from the top.

So, as I mentioned before, Chance went crazy for that Gatorade. By the end of the hike he had drunk almost 3 cups of it. So, at the end of the hike we sat down for a very delicious catered lunch. Once Chance finished eating we lifted him up off the bench, and we found a huge wet spot underneath him. He had peed through his diaper and his pants were completely soaked! So, he got a diaper change and ran around the rest of the time without pants! I think Eric's co-workers got a good laugh from seeing Chance run around like that!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol

A few Sunday's ago, the singing director in primary asked if we would play the part of the judges in singing time, and judge the children on their singing. The kids were practicing for their mother's day program, so they sang their songs all together, no solos (in case you were wondering how it worked.) We tried to act just as the real judges do and say the things they say, which was really funny and the kids totally got into it. Can you tell who is who? I know, Eric really should have gone tanning a few times to get into character! Ha!
So, while we're on the topic of American Idol... David Cook! I have always liked him, and really enjoy his singing and his style, but when the announcement was made, I was a little disappointed, and it seemed very anti-climatic to me. I guess I didn't realize that deep down in my heart I really wanted our home town Utah boy, David Archuleta, to win. But nonetheless, I'm sure he will have a career and do well, and continue to be the heart throb to millions of teens out there!! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feliz Cinco de Mayo... un poco tarde!

On May 3rd, a friend of ours planned an excellent Cinco de Mayo party. It was lots of fun with so much good Mexican food and good friends to hang out with.
The party was at the pool in our apartment complex. I had asked that the water be turned up to somewhere around 90 degrees, but unfortunately it only made it to 85 degrees. I know, so sad for us.

Chance loves to sit on the edge of the pool and then scoot his way into the awaiting arms of mom or dad.

We have tried to get him to stand up on the edge and jump in, but he is still way too scared to try that.

After some swimming there was a pinata for all the kids to take a swing at. This made Chance a little nervous and after holding onto the stick for about a second, he was done and didn't want anything to do with trying to hit the pinata again.

We did have one child in the group that was old enough to finish off the job.

And then of course, Chance was a little more interested. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pinnacles

So, I'm just doing a little catch up here from a couple of weekends ago- May 2nd to be exact. Eric had his first day off work since the beginning of January, which means his busy season is officially over and everyone in the firm got an employee appreciation holiday.

So, we spent the day in an area called the Pinnacles. We went for a meandering hike (meandering because we let Chance walk for the first half of it) through some caves and up to a resevoir. Here we had stopped to smell the flowers. I'm not sure Chance quite gets it yet, since half the time when he smells flowers he exhales instead of inhaling. Pretty funny.
There were a lot of really cool rock formations and just really pretty scenery.

And there was also some wldlife. When we ran into this guy we walked as far away from his as we could get.

The trail eventually opens up into some caves and in some parts it is so dark we had to use our flashlights. That was possibly the coolest part of the whole trail.

At the end of the caves it opens up once again and you can see the huge rocks that are stacked right above your head.

And eventually you end up at this beautiful little reservoir.

We stopped here to eat lunch and throw rocks in the water.

On the hike back down, Chance was completely exhausted and didn't last long before he crashed.

Once we made it to the bottom, we set up his pack and play for nap time and then layed out a blanket for ourselves to take a nap.

Chance slept really well, and for a few hours, so by the time he got up we didn't have a lot of time left before we needed to be back. We have a cousin that was starring in his high school musical "Pippin" and we had planned to go see the show that same night. So, we did one last quick little hike to just get a better look at the actual tops of the Pinnacles.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Chance loved all the animals that were running around the house where we were babysitting. There were 3 cats, a couple birds and hampsters, and he especially loved their little dog. He would follow that dog everywhere. And of course the dog continued to run away from him.
Look at that face of pure delight!

It must have just been so exciting for Chance to have something smaller than himself to play with.
Something else he loved about the dog was the readily available snack that sat in the corner of the kitchen.

Chance's first taste of dog food, and he loved it, he couldn't get enough!

Roller Hockey!

Last week, we babysat and house-sat for some friends who went on a little get away vacation without their kids. So, we went from experiencing life with 1 child, to life with 6 of them. It was busy! On Monday night for Family Home Evening, we decided to play roller hockey with their neighbors, who happen to be their cousins. It was my first time ever experiencing roller hockey, and I loved it, it was a lot of fun.

There were a few spills, including a really nice one from myself. My right bum cheek was sore for a few days, from landing on it pretty hard!! :)

And here's the proud father who has taught all his kids (and nieces and nephews) to play roller hockey. You can tell they all knew what they were doing, even the little guys were better at roller blading than I was!

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