Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chance's updates from January

It seems like whenver we go to Utah during the winter, we can guarantee that we will get sick. Both Eric and I got sick while we were out there, but we were amazed how Chance seemed to evade the cold/flu that everyone else had. But unfortunately on one of our last couple of days there, Chance got sick. He didn't develop any symptoms until right as we were coming home and it wasn't full blown for a couple more days after that. When we went to the Dr. we found out that it wasn't just a cold that he had, but RSV and a chest infection. Thankfully the Dr. was able to prescribe some medicine that cleared up the infection within a few days, and Chance was back to his active self within a week.

I can always tell when my normally very active child is sick, when he will just cuddle up with his blanket and lay on the floor. Poor baby!

During the month of January we have had some great developments, first of all, Chance has started really enjoying baths. We just have to be very fast and cautious when we rinse his hair, because if he gets water in his eyes then he immediately wants out of the tub!

And the second is that Chance started walking!! On the 22nd of Jan. Chance took his first steps at 16 month's old! It's about time, but in all fairness, with his prematurity he is really only 14 months developmentally and on top of that, Eric didn't walk until he was 16.5 months old. So, Chance is just following in Daddy's footsteps! Needless to say, we were very excited. He still crawl's to get around, but he's getting braver at letting go of my hand and walking longer distances. So, hopefully soon he'll do it all on his own.
During the time that we thought we were still going to be moving to Colorado, we squeezed in what we thought would be some of our last play dates with friends.
First we went to a place called the Play Cafe where there are lots of different toys and play areas, and then tables where you can sit and eat your lunch and watch your kids. It was a neat place, though I probably wouldn't order lunch there again- the food just wasn't that great.
Anyways, Chance loved this castle and all the little people he could move around inside of it.

He also liked the train table.

Though he seemed more interested in being able to crawl under it for awhile. When I put him in the ball pit, it seemed like his main objective was to throw as many balls out of the pit as possible.

Until he realized that he was sinking farther in, then he just wanted to get himself out. Here he is with Anna, Mason and Mason's cousin.
Good times at the Play Cafe. Here is Chance playing with his buddy Eli. This was after we had, what we thought, was a goodbye dinner with Eli's parents. It's so fun to see Chance interacting with other kids a little more.

Another play date was at the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. They have all sorts of exhibits and fun areas to play in. Here are Chance and Katie playing in the little kitchen.

Chance especially liked the mirrors!

I love that face! I can just hear him saying Boo!

But his favorite place might have been in the crawling area, where no bigger kids were allowed. It was pretty empty which gave him lots of room to crawl up and down the whole crawling course.

Here are Eli and Chance the Chinese fishermen- unfortunately we couldn't get them to comply with wearing the Chinese hats. Another highlight was the water exhibit, though by the time we got there, he was pretty worn out. It had been a long day.
Try as we might, we could not get him to look at the camera. I guess he had just had enough. Soon, it was off to the car.
And of course he immediately fell asleep on the ride home. I think we had just barely left the parking lot when he was already out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Am I really 27? I thought I was still 25!

Seriously, I always lose track of how old I am. Eric has to remind me all the time! When I was little, I thought it was insane that adults would forget how old they are. I thought that would never happen to me!! Ha ha ha ha! I guess it's a true sign that I'm getting old!
Anyway, the night before we drove back to Cali, my parents threw a birthday party for me. We went over to the church and ate pizza, had birthday cake and played games in the gym. Some of the games included throwing and chasing a bunch of bouncy balls all over the gym, stacking pizza boxes to see who's stack could get the tallest, (I won on this challange!)...
frozen turkey curling, where you had to get the turkey as close to the very center of the gym as possible, and we also played crab soccer with a big excercise ball. We had a ton of fun, it was a great party. And look at EJ's curling form- such grace!! My goodness, I had to get a big breath to blow out all those candles! Thankfully I had some willing helpers. I got some great gifts, but I think the most meaningful was the finger puppets my mom gave me. She had bought them in Chile when my parents came to pick me up from my mission. I didn't buy any for myself, but ever since Chance came along I have been regretting it. So, my mom, being so kind and sacrificing, gave me all of hers so that my children can play with them. They are a great church toy, Chance likes putting them on his fingers and then shaking them off, it's pretty entertaining. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family (including in-laws.) Not only are they all very loving and supportive, but they can be wild and crazy too!

So, like I said, the next morning we got packed up and drove home. Because of the crazy snow storms that were going on, we had to take the long way, so instead of the typical 11.5 hr drive, we were in the car for 16 hours!!! Yeah, it was a long day.

My birthday was the next day and I wasn't expecting much, we were exhausted and on top of that, it was Sunday- so I knew we weren't going out. But Eric still made it special by pampering me and making all the meals. He also had a few surprise gifts. The main one, which I helped him pick out was the eliptical. I get so bored excercising, so this works great for me. I can watch my favorite TV show and excercise all during Chance's nap. He also got me a 2 gb memory card. So, now I won't have to take my memory card out during the middle of a photo shoot and risk the chance of losing one! It really was a great birthday thanks to my sweet Eric for making it special! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just Catching Up

So, I am finally feeling like I can get back to blogging again. I was gone to Utah for 10 days at the beginning of this month, and came home to a new apartment. Things are pretty well unpacked now and we are feeling settled in. So, I thought I would just do some quick posts for the months I missed.

First off, December. I have to go all the way back to December because I never posted a single Christmas picture. It was because something tragic happened while we were in Utah for Christmas. I lost my memory card that had all the pictures on it!!! I felt sick to my stomach about it and I looked everywhere, including raking through snow in the mountains, where I had taken some engagement pictures... but to no avail. Miraculously, while we were in Utah just a few weeks ago, my mother in law found it in a gift bag that had been used during Christmas and then packed away in a closet. YAY!!! I was overjoyed to have all those pictures returned, that I thought I had lost. So, now I can finally post about Christmas! :)


As I mentioned, we went to Utah for Christmas and had a great time. We were amazed at how much snow there was! It seems like we haven't had that much snow on Christmas since I was little. Chance seemed very intrigued with the whole phenomenon of a snow storm and enjoyed watching out the window. Eric was like a kid again and couldn't wait to get out and play in it. I think it was the very first day we were there that he got Chance dressed in his snow outfit and took him out on the front lawn for a little sledding introduction. On Christmas Eve the Johnson family all got together for a traditional dinner and program including the manger scene. Chance got the privilege of being a sheep, and seemed to be okay with it as long as we took that darn thing off his head. Yeah, he hates hats.

The sheep cousins, Chance and Jaycee. Here's the whole manger scene, they were so cute, and quite entertaining. We especially loved the comment our nephew Ben (playing Joseph) made to our niece Halle (playing Mary.) They were in a different room waiting for the cue to come in when Ben leaned over and said matter of factly, "I'm not nervous at all, I've done this kind of thing before."
Here's a shot of the backyard on our pristine "white Christmas" morning.
Of course the highlight of Christmas was watching Chance and the many emotions he showed that morning. First off was wonder and amazement as he entered the family room with his cousin, Jared, right behind him.
The pure delight of tons of wrapping paper to play in.
The excitement of new toys, here he is doing his little dance where he shakes his head and swings his arms side to side.
And then the crash of exhaustion. Definitely a sign of a good Christmas.

So later on that week we ventured out and did some real sledding. Chance, being the chicken that he is, actually did better than I thought he would. We started low on the hill and eventually worked our way to the top. Chance never cracked a smile as we were zooming down the hill, but I think he liked it because every time we went down, he would throw his arms in the air.
During the week, I had the privilege of taking some engagement pictures for Eric's bro. Dan and his fiance Jen. We are totally excited about their marriage and are happy to have Jen and her son Jeff in the family. We love them tons and think that Dan and Jen make the perfect pair! It was a lot of fun taking their pictures. Just watching them together you can tell they are so in love. Though I have only known Dan for a few years, I have never seen him so giddy! It was great.
On New Year's Eve we did something really fun. For Christmas, my parents had given all of us kids, in laws included, a ticket to go try out simulated sky diving in an air tunnel. It was really fun. We got 2 turns which totaled 2 minutes in the air, with the instructor in there to make sure you stayed up. It was harder than I thought it would be. Who knew it could take so much to keep yourself up in 80 mph wind. You can't really tell very well, but that's me in there. My dad was struggling trying to get pictures and videos all at the same time. Maybe if my BIL gets the video uploaded I can post that on here too.

Don't you just love the flying outfits, the glasses especially are so hot!
My poor mom had to deal with crying babies the whole time. They weren't very happy to see their parents floating around in that big tube. In fact, my 3 year old nephew, Kyle, was very upset about it. After we all finished and came out of the tube, he scolded his mom by pointing his finger at her and very sternly saying, "I told you not to go in there!" Here's a shot of the whole family, on an impressive bench made out of skiis.
After skydiving we went out to dinner, and I was surprised at the end of the meal when our waitress brought out a dessert and with a few other servers sang Happy Birthday to me. It wasn't quite my birthday yet, but since I was going to be back in Cali on my birthday my parents wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. And I'm glad they did, we got some yummy desserts! Then we went back to my sister's house, played some games, watched the ball drop in time square and welcomed in 2008!!! Happy New Year!
So, while we were out there, I thought we would take advantage of the pretty scenery and take some family pictures, here's one of our favorites. Thanks to Dawn, my SIL for being the photographer.
And that my friends is my December update. Wow, it's nice to get this monkey off my back. And tomorrow I'll start working on January's...

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