Sunday, January 27, 2008

False Alarm

So, as of last week, we are no longer moving to Boulder Colorado. Eric recieved a phone call from the company out there that changed our minds about going. Basically, the guy told Eric that because of the volatile market right now, business has not been good and they are unsure if they will even be around in a few months. He said, "you can come out here if you want to, but if I were you, I wouldn't come." So, if the company is able to ride this out and survive, maybe Eric will take the job in another 6 months or so, OR maybe we will do something completely different. We have no idea, and only time will tell. In the mean time, Eric is staying with his current firm who were thrilled to hear his news and welcomed him back with open arms.

However, since we had given a 30 day notice and told our apt. manager that we were leaving, they had already found renters for our apartment, and we are still forced to move. Through this whole experience that is the one piece of news that really got to me and stressed me out. I hated the thought of having to move, not because we want to, but because we are being forced to, (even though it is our own fault.) So, after a lot of praying and a little bit of crying, everything has turned out okay. In our entire complex there is not one single opening, but we found out that the people upstairs from us just happened to want to move out right now, but didn't want to break their contract and pay a fee. So, they hadn't really talked to the manager or anything yet. When I told him about our circumstance he said that he had felt that there was some sort of situation going on. I told him that I was sure it was all in answer to our prayers. He was more than excited to move out immediately to let us move in, and in so doing save him from paying a fee for breaking his contract. What can I say, we are happy we could help! ;)
Wow, so many blessings. Had we moved out to Boulder and taken the job it could have potentially been financially devastating. And even though I wasn't too thrilled about moving at all, I have seen a lot of good come out of this. Such as some really good deep cleaning and dejunking is being done, we will move into a nice clean apartment that has been renovated, , it is on the back side of the complex so it will be quieter and darker at night (away from the parking lot lights,) and we will no longer have to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors! Now I guess we'll be the ones making noise for the folks below. As I was praying for help this past week, I wasn't sure how the Lord could make it all work out okay, but my testimony has been strengthened all the more that there is nothing too great for the Lord.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pretty Boy

I'm sure every child has to experience this at some point. So, Chance found mommy's lipstick for the first time, and by the time I found him, it was on his shirt, all over his legs, and of course all over his mouth since he was busily trying to eat as much as possible! Ha ha :) I still haven't been able to get all the lipstick out of his shirt... any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We're moving!!

Okay, I confess, I have been avoiding blogging. I guess I feel a little overwhelmed right now with a few other things, and I'm afraid that once I begin blogging again that I will let it, as usual, suck me in, thereby neglecting everything else! But, it has just been too long and we have big news, as you may have noticed from the title. Eric has accepted a new job and we're moving to Boulder Colorado!! Chance is happy because of the new fun toy which he has discovered! He loves being in and crawling through all these boxes that have suddenly shown up!

Eric and I are very excited about the move. Eric has wanted to live in Boulder since he learned about its existence when he was in high school. It fits him well with his love of mountain biking, skiing and well, practically anything outdoors. I am excited for the outdoors aspect as well, the rockies are gorgeous and it seems like a really fun town with a cool little shopping mall and some fun restaurants and parks. But of course it makes us so sad to think of leaving all of our current friends! We have absolutely loved Walnut Creek and will really miss it once we are gone.
But for now I am stressing about finding a place to live, and we move in 2 weeks!! Yikes! Wish me luck! :)

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