Friday, December 21, 2007

Chance's Latest

So, I have a lot of catching up with everything that Chance has been doing for the past couple of months and even though this may not be the most interesting to everyone else, I just feel like I need to get it all documented. :)

First of all, Chance finally got some teeth during the month of October. The first ones that came in were on the top. Usually it's the two front teeth, but in Chance's case, it was the two side teeth, so he looked like he had vampire fangs for a little while!! This picture is our attempt at getting a picture of those little fangs.

Soon there after his two bottom teeth came in which you can barely seen in this picture, but they are there!The pictures we got of his teeth aren't very good because he was really fighting against it. So, I just had to throw this picture in because it made me laugh so hard- it shows how difficult he was being. So funny!!
Something that we have noticed about Chance is that when he is really concentrating, he will stick his tongue out. He gets it from his father!

And finally, Chance started crawling around 13-14 months old! About time, but I guess he was happy rolling around for so long.

There's that tongue again!
Chance also discovered a fun place to play. He likes crawling underneath his crib and throwing things out through the bars.

Some of Chance's latest favorite foods include blueberry topping, left over from waffles, and olives, stuck through the finger of course. It's funny how kids figure out the best way to eat olives without us prompting him. Look at that face of pure happiness!

Once Chance figured out how to pull himself up in the crib, his new past time, during nap time, became peeking out the curtain.

Ever since Chance was little he has enjoyed eating dirt. He must have been really excited when he found mud so close, on our own back porch. I was also really "excited" when I found him like this... will he ever grow out of this unconventional appetite?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The naked napper

The other day Chance awoke during his nap, so I went in to check on him. He felt really warm (it was a hot day), so I unzipped his jammies a little and took his arms out of his sleeves, then I left him to finish his nap. Shortly after that I heard him in there crying again, so I went in a second time to check on him and I found him like this- standing up in his crib completely buck naked! I just burst out laughing! I guess Chance has learned how to get his diaper off, once he gets mom to unzip that confining sleeper. This picture is titled- please don't make me put my clothes back on!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We love Santa!!

On Friday we had the ward Christmas party and the opportunity to sit on Santa's lap...

Of course, we knew from the very beginning that it wouldn't go over well with our little guy, so we thought if dad just held him he might be okay. Apparently that was still a little too close to the scary guy with a big white beard. ;) You can see the progression here- the longer we made him stay near Santa, the angrier he got. Poor baby. Maybe next year he'll like Santa.
As a side note, after I got him calmed down and some food in his tummy he was a little more cooperative. I went back after the line was gone, and sat next to Santa while holding Chance. He was definitely nervous but calmed down, and I think we may have even gotten an okay picture. Unfortunately it was on someone else's camera. When I get the picture back I will scan it in to have proof that Chance actually sat next to Santa. :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The week of Thanksgiving...

was lots of fun! As always, it was busy, but I think we might be getting used to having busy holidays, for the most part.

For my niece, Elise's 6th birthday and for my mom's 60th- we went out to lunch with just the girls. I don't know how my mom will feel about me broadcasting her age on my blog, but I can honestly say that she doesn't act or look her age. She's got lots of spunk, great skin and she doesn't even dye her hair! Hopefully I got some of those good genes! :) We went to the Garden Restaurant overlooking the temple, which is where I used to work a long time ago. So it was fun to re-visit and enjoy a yummy lunch with a great view!

Here are the birthday girls!!

After lunch we took a couple of minutes to walk around the temple grounds. We could see all the lights already on the trees just waiting for the lighting ceremony later that week. But what was really unusual was that there were still flowers all over in late November!
And these are my favorite, I absolutely love the bubble lights in the pond. Temple Square is so fun at Christmas time!!

Unfortunately my little brother started feeling pretty sick during the week. He didn't even eat on Thanksgiving because his stomach hurt so bad! Poor kid! So, after a process of going to the hospital a couple of times, they have concluded that he probably has an ulcer! :( So sad! I guess a bachelor's life at BYU can be a little stressful!! One night he jokingly asked for a Winnie the Pooh mobile to be placed over his bed. I'm sure he was surprised when my mom actually made him one! I'm sure it made him feel better to have something to bat at while he was laying there. ;)
One night we took a little hike with some of Eric's family. We had just missed the sunset, but the lighting was still pretty cool. We just went up into the hills overlooking Centerville where we both grew up. I love that you can always find a fun hike within minutes of home.

Here's Eric and Chance with Eric's big brother Dan and his dad.
On Thanksgiving day we ate at my sister Maren's house and we had an absolutely delicious meal!! Chance and his cousin Brendan were loving it. Chance actually ate a little early and then slept while we were eating- it was great timing!
Sadly to say this is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving day! I just didn't feel like taking any pictures that day, and of course I am now regretting it. Why do I do that!? I know that I am always going to regret it later....

During the week Chance was reunited with his Johnson cousins Jaycee and Jared. As you can tell, they were absolutely thrilled about it.
And they just loved playing together... yea right! It was more like poke each other and take each other's toys away. Thankfully they are small enough that they didn't make each other too upset. But I was just thinking that when these kids are all 2 we are going to have some serious chaos to control. The Johnson boys just hanging out.
While we were out there I was able to take some family pictures for my sister in law. We had a lot of fun doing it and they are such a cute little family. Here are a couple of my favorites!
I wish I could have kept this lighting going the whole time. I love the soft golden glow right before the sun goes down.

I love this shot- it totally looks like it could be an engagement. :)

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