Friday, November 30, 2007

Mom's Surprise Party

Wow- it has been so long since I have posted. I feel a major disconnect to everyone because not only have I not been posting, but I haven't been checking anyone else's blogs either. For a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, my life got really busy. Then, we were in Utah for the week of Thanksgiving and this past week has just been getting back into the routine and unwinding from all the busyness. So, I'm back and ready to get updated!!

The reason I got so busy for a couple of weeks there, was due to a huge project I took on for my mom's birthday. I had sent out mass e-mails to everyone I could think of that knew my mom well and asked them to write a letter for my mom expressing their love and any memories they had with her. Gratefully I got a good response which in turn gave me a lot of work. I scrap booked all of the letters along with any pictures that had been included. Then we planned a big surprise party with everyone for the Saturday before Thanksgiving. My mom didn't know that we would be in town, so we surprised her with the party and with us being there at all.

Here are most of us waiting for my mom to arrive. I think there was a little more than 30 people at the party.
When she came in the door and started coming upstairs, my nephew started saying "surprise, shhhhh" just like we had been trying to explain to him. And then my niece yelled surprise to my little brother who had come up the stairs right in front of mom. Thankfully my mom didn't really notice, so when she made it to the top of the stairs and we all yelled surprise she really was surprised- it was so great! Then we started singing and while we were singing she finally noticed that it was me holding the cake and gave another little surprised yell. And then the tears started welling up, which in turn made me and my sister get teary eyed too. It was all so much fun.

After blowing out the candles she went around the room hugging everyone.

Then we made her sit down to open the book of everyone's letters, which of course made her get teary eyed. She kept saying that she couldn't read anything because her eyes were all blurry from the tears.
Here's a sample of one of the pages

It was a great night and we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed being able to see so many people that I loved all in one room. And I always love surprising my mom since she is pretty hard to surprise. I think it was a great birthday party and I hope my mom felt just how much she is loved by everyone!
By the time the party was over we were a little tired, but we had to take the opportunity to snap a family picture. Notice that I am holding Brendan, not Chance. Traveling for so long had taken it's toll on Chance and he had gone to bed way before the party ended!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Festivities

Halloween seemed to go on for a few days this year starting with the church's primary party the weekend before. We made our debut as the frog prince, princess and lily pad there and we had a great time. Unfortunately you can't see Chance's or my crown's very well, but they are there! And notice EJ's nicely painted green hair! Then on Monday, we had a small little party for the kids. There was a craft to decorate, music to dance to, and food to eat. Outside there was a great pile of leaves raked up, just ready for us to take a picture in front of.

Here's our sweet little frog prince! On tuesday we had EJ's office party. We took Chance trick or treating to all the desks and by the end he was getting better at reaching out and grabbing the candy they offered. I am proud to report that we won the best costume award and 25 dollars! So, we went out to dinner that weekend and really enjoyed that $25. :) On Wednesday- Halloween morning we had music class at church and the kids all got to dress up again!
Poor Chance was a little congested with a runny nose and a small cough. By the time it had ended he was ready to go and was not very happy that I made him sit there to have his picture taken!
Luckily though, he liked his costume and didn't mind putting it on so much. That night we had a little Halloween party at out place. We had a lot of fun and were happy that some of our friends could come over.

We had a pinata that the kids all took turns hitting. They never got it open, so the adults eventually started taking turns as well. Chance had a turn and didn't want to hit it with the stick, just with his hands.

But after he hit it, and it started swinging back at him, that was much too scary and he was done with his turn!
We were pretty proud of the menu, we had monter mix (chex mix), stinky slices with golden goo (apples with caramel dip), dirt and worms (choc. pudding, oreos and gummy worms), witches brew (apple juice with ice in the shape of hands) and many more yummy dishes. The grossest dish was probably the dried scabs (craisins)!

We found some cheap twinkle lights in orange and purple which gave some nice lighting.

And to start off the scary mood, our entrance was full of spider webs and a strobe light. As you can see we had a lot of fun decorating and preparing for the party.

We had a great Halloween this year with lots of fun things to do. Next year we will venture out to do some trick or treating- by then Chance will be 2 and will know what's going on.

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