Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Chance!

On September 11th, Chance turned 1 year old!! Unbelievable. :) I think all parents feel the same way, and can't believe how fast their children grow!
Anyway, we had a fun little party for him with just us and Eric's parent's. I made a little bear face for the cake, (but didn't think to get a picture of it) and as soon as we brought it out, Chance was ecstatic! I think he remembered his last cake experience and couldn't wait to get his fingers into this one!
And of course, once again, it got everywhere. At one point he was rubbing it into his hair and ear. So, before opening presents, Dad gave him a quick bath.
Even though he liked all the paper, he wasn't very good at opening the presents. I'm sure that by Christmas he will be better.
We were so happy to have Keith and Reva here for Chance's birthday. They are great grandparent's! :)
Because of his birthday, I started reminiscing about the actual day one year ago that Chance was born. I had been hospitalized at 29 weeks pregnant, with pre-eclampsia, 2 weeks prior to Chance's birth. We prayed everyday that our baby could just stay inside a little longer. We were grateful that he had those extra 2 weeks to develop a little more. They told us on the evening of Sep. 10th that my body wasn't reacting to the medications anymore and it was time to deliver our baby. They tried to induce me, which didn't work at all. On the morning of the 11th during a monitor check, the Doctor found Chance's heartbeat dropping a little and immediately called an emergency c-section. Eric was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and came out just in time the see the staff pulling all my monitoring cords out of the wall and racing me out of the room. They yelled back to him to find some scrubs and meet us there. Luckily one nurse came back for him, since he had no idea where either the scrubs or the operating room were at. That was the scariest part for me, racing down the hospital corridor with concerned faces flashing by. I felt like I was in a movie. I almost lost it at that point, but, thankfully once I got into the operating room, they found that Chance's heartbeat was going strong once again and everyone relaxed. They continued on with the C-section, and once he was removed they took him to the corner and went about the normal preemie procedure. They immediately started CPR and rescue breathing to get him breathing and his heart pumping and then inserted the ventilator to keep him breathing. When they finally let us look over at him, after 8 minutes, this is what he looked like. It was hard to see our sweet little guy with all the tubes and eventual monitors and IV's all over him. But I never realized what a scary situation that was, until months later when we were looking at these pictures. Both Eric and I felt the spirit throughout the whole ordeal, comforting us and giving us the peace that we needed. We knew the Lord was watching over us and we felt that everything would be alright. He weighed in at 2 pounds, 9 ounces and was 15 1/2 inches long. The first time I held him, I was nervous that I was going to break him. But we soon learned that even though he was so small, he was still very strong and resilient.
He was 2 1/2 weeks in this picture. We were so happy with his continual progress. By this time he had stopped needing any help breathing. And I think that all the IV's had been taken out as well.
What a blessing this little guy has been to our lives. We are so grateful for him! And we still continually thank the Lord for watching over him and helping him fight through a difficult beginning. After a year of being parents, we can't imagine our lives without him. We enjoy playing with him and watching him grown and develop. He has a fun little personality that is always curious, wants to be always on the go, and is a little independent. We are excited for his future and feel privileged to be his parents. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick trip to Utah

Right after spending a few days with Mitch and Alison, and saying good-bye to the Reber's (I was actually crying on our way to the airport,) we flew out to Utah. It Chance's first plane ride!

We didn't tell either of our mom's that we were coming, but had a plan worked out to be able to surprise them. Our other family member's were in on it, so we had them all go to a ice cream place at the same time. They pretended that it was just a coincidence that both families happened to go there on the same night. We drove straight there from the airport and waited in the parking lot until everyone had ordered and was sitting down at a table outside. Then, my sister, Maren, told everyone she had to go change her baby's diaper. So, she came over to our car and we did a baby swap. The idea was for her to go back to the table and stand there with Chance in her arms and wait to see how long it took our moms to notice. But, as she was walking back, my mom walked right past her and back inside the restuarant. So, after Maren made it back to the table, it took a few seconds before we heard Eric's mom jump and scream. But they played it cool because my mom was coming back outside. After she had sat down it took her a little longer before she noticed and she also screamed and jumped up, immediately looking for us. It was hilarious. I got it all on video camera, though it's not very good quality because we were hiding a ways away. We love doing surprises, it is so fun! Chance did much better on the plane than we expected. Luckily we had an empty seat next to us and we were able to bring on his car seat. On both flights in and out of Salt Lake, he slept most the time. And for the time that he was awake on the flight in, a sucker kept him pretty occupied.

We went out there for Eric to do some recruiting at BYU and to meet up with a few clients. After that, we had a few nights to play with our families and have some big family dinners. :)

The Johnson clan

On Sunday, we had dinner with my family and my sister made a birthday cake for Chance for an early celebration. He was very intrigued and didn't know quite what to do at first.
We cut the top of the cake off and put it in front of him. His first couple of hand fulls of cake were a little timid, but he quickly warmed up to the idea of smashing the cake and squishing it through his fingers. And even though there was cake everywhere, I don't think he actually got very much in his mouth.

None the less, he was a very happy little boy!

Brendan also got in some good practice for his 1st birthday which is coming up soon.

Opening presents, with the cousins eagerly waiting. They were more than willing to help Chance, should he happen to need them. (notice the little hand guiding Chance's arm)
The whole group

And the fun presents, a new interactive book and some trucks.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Farewell Reber's

The weekend before we had to say good-bye, we went out with just the girls to get a pedicure. It was my first pedicure ever, and I loved it! But honestly, what's not to love!?
These are some awesome women that I am lucky to be friends with. I admire each of them and have so much fun when I am with them. Lauren will be greatly missed by all of us!

So, we knew the day was coming, yet I still couldn't help but cry as we said good-bye to the Reber's. They lived right next door to us, (we shared a wall) and I loved seeing her and her girls every day, and Chance loved it too! They are great people and have been great friends. We miss them terribly!! And even though we would have preferred them to stay, we still wish them well in their new home and with their new adventures in Texas!!

We love visitors!

So, I am back home, and hoping to finally get caught up in my blogging! I have several catch up posts to do, but I thought I would just go in chronological order. So, you'll just have to wait a little bit longer to see those Hawaii photos! ;) (Which was awesome, by the way!)

Back at the beginning of September, Eric's brother, his wife and their baby came to visit. Can I just say one thing real quick... we love visitors!! We had a great time with them, and the first thing we did was go swimming. It was so hot out here around that time! On Sunday evening we drove over to the Oakland temple and walked around a little bit.
It is so beautiful up there. Here is the awesome view you get from the temple parking lot of Oakland, the bay bridge, and San Fran in the back ground.

I absolutely love this little outfit on Chance, so I thought I would stop for a minute and just snap a couple pictures of him. I need to do official 1 year pictures soon- but in case I don't get it done, I thought this could count.

The next day we went down a little south to do some tide pooling. I was totally impressed with Alison's bravery. She would touch anything and pick it up, even if it had pincher's and a mean looking face! I on the other hand am a bit of a wimp and can hardly even touch star fish or sea anemone's. Unfortunately I didn't get the picture of her with the crab trying to bite off her fingers.

After our adventures in tide pooling we went on a little jaunt through some of the redwoods.
By that time we were starving and quickly found a park to have lunch. To our enjoyment, we found that the babies loved playing with the empty soda cans. They played with those for quite awhile, just trying to figure them out, I think. It was pretty entertaining to watch, since they were so enthralled, and if Chance ever dropped his can, he would promptly try to steal Jaycee's.

Jaycee is quite the crawler and was moving all over the place.

The next day we went down to the city for a day of being tourists. We stopped by Baker Beach first to take a couple of family pics. I've decided it is always good to do those first, so then I don't have to worry about keeping my hair and make-up nice (especially in windy S.F.,) or trying to keep Chance happy for so long.

After getting the pics on the beach, we of course had to go walk out onto it, to let Mitch and Alison really experience the bridge!

Then we stopped by China town...

and rode the cable cars. Which was actually my first time ever! We've been wanting to do it since we've moved here, but could never work it out. So, I was happy to finally get that goal crossed off my list. :)

And of course a S.F. visit isn't complete without Ghiradelli Square. We thought it would be great to get one of the free chocolate's for the babies so that we could eat theirs. But as soon as the nice lady handed over the chocolate, both Chance and Jaycie went to work. They immediately started chomping and sucking out the chocolate from the opened wrapper. Oh well, I guess I didn't really need to eat 2 chocolate's anyway.

We had so much fun with Mitch, Alison and Jaycee. They are a sweet little family and we love them lots. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Time!

So, I have about a dozen things that I want to blog about, but, we just got home from Utah on Sunday, and now we're heading off to Hawaii on Thursday! Yup, Hawaii!!! I'm so excited, I have never been there before. Anyway, stay tuned for many posts in a couple of weeks. Especially from Chance's birthday on the 11th, and I can't believe how fast a year has gone by! Can my baby really be that old? But we had fun and I got so many great shots of him and his cake. He really enjoyed making a mess!! :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

It has been three years to the day that Eric and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple!It is so fun to think back to that day and all the emotions that we were feeling. It was such an exciting day! I remember feeling so incredibly in love, and so lucky to be marrying such a wonderful guy. After three years of marriage, I realize now that I didn't fully understand how lucky I truly am. Eric is everything that I have ever wanted and with three years of marriage, it is just getting better and better! I am also so grateful that we were married and sealed in the temple for all eternity. It is truly a blessing to know that no matter what happens, Eric and I along with our children can live together forever.
So, Happy Anniversary EJ! Here's to another 50 years of marriage! :)

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