Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Reunions and Bear Lake

Finally, here is the post about our vacation to Utah and Idaho!

We decided to split up the 11 hour drive to Utah into two days, which is so much better when traveling with a 10 month old. But, much to our joy, Chance traveled better than he ever has. It might have something to do with us turning his car seat around. He really liked being able to see us, and also, see out the front window. But the most helpful thing was the DVD player and the Baby Einstein videos. I would just crank up the volume in the head phones and he would stare at the screen for hours. It was great. I don't know how our parents ever traveled with so many kids and no DVD's! The first day we were in Utah, we were lucky enough to have a huge warm rain storms. We stayed out in the rain for probably an hour with our nieces Halle and Hannah. I love warm rain!!

Then we headed up to Rexburg Idaho for the Johnson Reunion. Here is a picture of the whole group- Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles and all the cousins. We had such a fun time.

Part of the reunion was repainting Grandma and Grandpa's garage. It was so cute to see how much the little kids enjoyed the painting. They were very adament about doing it themselves.

And then we did a little celebration for Grandma's 85th birthday.

On the Johnson side there were six babies born within six months of each other. Two of them are Chance's immediate cousins and three of them are 2nd cousins. They are all little boys except the youngest, Jaycee. She is going to be one tough little girl with all these boys to play with! Unfortunately she in not in this picture- but you will see her later on. Here are all the boys lined up from oldest (Chance) to the youngest on the other end.

So, once the Johnson reunion ended we went straight to Bear Lake to spend time with my family. As you already saw, we took some family pictures down by the lake. There were so many cute pictures- they turned out really well. Thanks to Ross and Chris who helped take the pictures that I couldn't take myself.

While at Bear Lake, those who are interested always go down this narley mountain bike trail. I made the mistake of going down it one year, and until I get better at biking I won't be going down it again. This year there was a fairly large group that went, and all returned with only a few minor injures.

The trail was very dusty, and as soon as the socks were removed, you could tell just how dirty everyone got.

We love spending time down on the beach. On one of those days the boys decided to bury Elise (our niece) in a mud hole. To get her back out they had to dig another hole all around her. She couldn't budge in all that mud.

Chance really enjoyed playing in the water. Up close to the shore the water was actually very warm. Just perfect for babies, and me. (I am such a wuss when it comes to cold water!)

But Chance especially loved the boat! The only thing he didn't like about the boat was the life jacket. I don't think he liked having his face being squished all the time.

No matter what time it was when we got on the boat, without fail, Chance would fall asleep. The sound of the motor and the constant rocking just lulled him to sleep.

Here is Chance and his cousin Brendan who was born about 3 weeks after he was.

One of the traditions of Bear Lake, that we have to do before going home, is to go to LeBeau's for a raspberry shake. They have pretty good burgers and fries too, so instead of just the shake it has now turned into the full meal.

Okay, here is some of the footage from skiing and wakeboarding. I got some pretty good crashes by EJ.

Don't be fooled by this picture. It may look like I am somewhat comfortable on a wake board, but it is just an illusion. ;) These next few are at Twin Lakes. After we left Bear Lake we went straight to EJ's brother's house- and stayed a night there with Mitch, Alison and Jaycee. We went water skiing the next day. You can tell the difference in the water. Bear Lake's water is so much prettier! But we were lucky with both lakes, we had excellent skiing water!

Then we headed back to Rexburg for the Anderson reunion. That is my mother in law's side of the family. Here are Chance's immediate cousins Jared and Jaycee.
Chance is a lucky guy... he has so many cousins his age. On the Anderson side, there are 2 more 2nd cousins that are born within a few months of him. All these cousins will make for great family reunions!! He is going to have so many kids to play with everywhere he goes! :)
As part of the activities, they opened up the ditch water to flood the yard around the farm house (where my mother in law grew up.) So, everyone grabbed a bucket and a huge water fight ensued. Then we played water football. We had a lot of fun!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Lookin' Families! ;)

About a week ago we got back from a vacation out to Idaho/Utah. We had a great time and I will go into more detail in the next post about everything we did. But it might take me a little while to get caught up, so, and I've been anxious to get a post up. So, I thought I would show off the family pictures. While we were out there, we took advantage of the time with everyone together to snap a couple. Talk about a couple good looking families! ;)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

4th of July Camping

On July 3rd we headed to Livermore, about 45 minutes from here, to go camping at Lake Del Valle. I had been planning this thing for a couple of weeks, and several friends were coming. Unfortunately, Chance started getting sick a couple of days before that. But since he seemed to be doing better that day, we decided to go ahead with our plans. He did pretty well, though the intense heat didn't help with his slight fever. He mostly hung out with nothing on except his diaper.
It was sad to seem him so lifeless, because he is normally so active. We could definitley tell that Chance wasn't feeling his best, because he preferred to be held and cuddled. And that is definitely not in Chance's personality! So, I guess that was one positive thing; I got to hold him and rock him all I wanted.

On the morning of July 4th, we got up and packed up everything and headed down to the lake. By the time we got there is was 11:00am and the beach was packed!! It was insane the number of people that were there. We thought that maybe Chance would like to feel some cool water, since he still had a slight fever and it was getting close to 100 degrees outside. So, Eric barely starting lowering Chance's feet into the water before Chance let us know that he wasn't too excited about that idea!
Since Chance wasn't feeling very well, we only stayed at the lake long enough for Eric to get in the water, and then for me to get in the water, and then of course to take a picture for the blog. Here are some of the friends that came camping with us.

We had a really fun time, and would love to do it again sometime, when Chance is feeling better! :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Michael

It was my brother, Michael's birthday on July 3rd. Unfortunately that was a pretty crazy day for us, so I didn't get this post up then. However, I still wanted to get it done to let him know how much we love him!!

He has always been a good big brother! He has always looked out for me. He has also made a great brother in law and uncle (aka Muncle). He is a sweet guy and cares about the happiness of those around him.

Eric loves mountain biking with him. Michael is also very knowledgable with anything regarding bikes, so if Eric ever has any questions, he goes straight to Michael!
He is also a lot of fun to play around with. He has a dry sense of humor, laughs easily, and has a contagious laugh.

He is very athletic and will try anything. Michael is also a very intelligent guy. I have always been amazed with the gospel knowledge that Michael posesses. He has truly been given a gift of understanding the scriptures. I have never understood Isaiah as clearly as I did when I read it with him.
We love him and love to be with him. We will see him next week and we are very excited. Happy Birthday Michael!!

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