Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What to do when your husband's gone

Sadly for me, Eric left yesterday afternoon with a group from church to go climb Mount Shasta, so it's just Chance and I until Wednesday night.

So, last night, I searched through my neighbor's movie collection (thanks Lauren!) looking for the biggest chick flick I could find. I came across Beaches, which I had never seen, but it seems like every other girl has seen it. I knew that I had to take advantage of this opportunity, since Eric would most likely not want to watch it.

After I had already finished watching the movie, Eric called to say good night, and he told me that he has already seen it. (I swear, I'm the only one that had never seen it!) Apparently he has bad memories of his sisters forcing him to watch it with them (girls can be so cruel.) ;) So, I'm glad I watched it last night, since I don't think Eric can ever bring himself to watch that movie again.
And while I was watching the movie, what better thing could I do than paint my toe nails. Here's how they turned out.
I had to laugh at myself by the end of the movie, because here I was, all alone, bawling my eyes out, yet trying to focus on the task at hand. So, it was a good night, a good movie and I think the nails turned out pretty good. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Alameda County Fair

On Saturday we went to the Alameda County Fair. We had so much fun showing all the animals to Chance. In fact, he was so interested in petting this bunny, that I was afraid for the poor little bunny's eyes and ears. Chance doesn't yet quite understand the concept of being "soft." :) Some of our friends came with us, and here are Haley, Eli, Chance and Eric looking at the baby ducks. Though the little boys seem to have found other things more interesting to be looking at.

As soon as we let Chance down by the cows, he quickly grabbed at the straw and put it in his mouth. By the look on his face, I guess he decided it wasn't very good.

These goats were not shy at all. They stuck their heads right out, and even scared Chance a couple of times.

Chance's first experience with a clown. I can understand why it might be a little puzzling.

This cute little black lamb was only 1 hour old when we walked by. It was still very wobbly when it tried to walk, and no matter where it went, it's mom followed it around, very intent on licking it clean. It was very neat to see!
We were able to catch a performance by the country band SHeDAISY. I knew maybe 3 songs, which I was pretty impressed with myself for, since I am not a country lover. But, they did a great job and we had a fun time!!

We chose to sit on the very back row, for Chance's sake- he needed his stroller because it was way past his nap time, and he slept through the entire show, even with the speakers blasting.

We tried to ride on the Farris Wheel, thinking that it should be slow enough to take a baby, but unfortunately we were sternly told "no babies." Oh well, maybe next fair.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hawaiian Luau

Last night, we had a great Luau for our mutual activity. In the hula hoop contest, I am pleased to announce that I held the record. ;) Eric put up a valiant effort, lasting for a solid 5 seconds! Chance was a lucky boy and got his first taste of sherbet. Needless to say, he was a fan. :)

The only thing Chance didn't like about the sherbet, is when he reached out a stuck his hand in, and realized how cold it is.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I can't do a tribute to our father's without thanking my wonderful husband as well. This is his first father's day as a father, (if you don't count last year with a baby in the womb) and I want him to know that I think he is doing a great job! (And is such a handsome devil!)He is very sweet with Chance, giving him lots of love and attention. Whenever he leaves for work in the morning, or goes to bed at night, he sneaks in to Chance's room, very quietly, and gives him a little kiss.
He is very playful with Chance, always trying to get him to smile and laugh. And Chance gets so excited to see Daddy, so it isn't very hard to get that smile out of him! He wants the best for Chance and wants him to be able to have lots and lots of different experiences. He loves taking Chance out for walks or hikes and hopes to take him out biking soon, as soon as we get a child trailer.

Eric is a fabulous father and we love him very much!!

Happy Father's Day babe! :)

A Tribute to our Dad's

On this special day of remembering our father's, we wanted to take a minute to let our father's know how much they mean to us.

Dean Jay Perkins is my wonderful father. He has always been a wonderful example to me and someone that I have always looked up to. He is probably the most patient person I know. I only remember him really getting angry once or twice in my whole life time. He is also very gentle and loving. When he reads us tender stories he generally has to hand the story over to someone else to finish reading, because he can't continue through his tears. He has also been a great grandfather. When he came out to visit last month, he took the time to feed Chance and to play with him. What every grandpa does best! ;) Keith Randall Johnson is Eric's wonderful father. He has also been a very good role model for us. His unselfish attitude and willingness to serve those around him is truly impressive. He is very accepting and loving of anyone that comes his way. He has a way of making everyone feel important and loved. Eric will always be grateful to his father for teaching him how to love and enjoy the outdoors.
We also love seeing him as a grandfather. He plays with the grandkids as if he were a kid himself, and the kids love it! He is also an excellent babysitter!Chance always enjoys a good nap with Grandpa!

Fun Activities This Week

This week was full of all sorts of fun activities!

On Tuesday we went to the park day with several other mom's from our ward. We have such a great support group in our ward, and I thoroughly enjoy getting together with these other mom's; to get to know them better. It is also so nice to have helpful suggestions when I am wondering about different child rearing techniques, and they are always up for new adventures. All in all, I am so grateful for these other women and their friendships!!

It was a very warm day, and that warmth, mixed with the gentle swinging back and forth, put Chance promptly to sleep.

On Thursday, Eric took Chance and I to a "surprise" destination. It ended up being a nice walk along the hills of Berkely to watch the sunset.

Right before the sun went down, it cast the perfect golden glow on everything, so, Eric snapped a couple of shots of Chance and I.

It was probably the most scenic place that Chance has ever drank his bottle.

Eric teasing Chance, though Chance doesn't look too amused... ;)

Eric also secretly brought up our "outdoor goblets," and some drinks, so we could toast when the sun went down. (Yup, he's a romantic at heart) Chance was pretty certain that since he had finished drinking his bottle, that these other drinks were for him as well.

Cheers to the beauties of nature and sunsets, and to a wonderful husband for bringing me here!Thank you again to our friend's the Reber's for the use of their back pack. Someday we really will buy our own, we promise! We had a great view and the sunset was amazing. The vibrant colors of the sky were so pretty.
And here is our view of the Golden Gate bridge. Often times in the summer, the fog will roll in and completely cover everything. So, we were very happy that the fog was very minimal that night.
Friday for lunch, I met up with some of those same mom's to eat pizza at Round Table. They had a play structure in the restaurant, kind of like a play land at McDonald's, which was great for the older kids. They were loving life, running around in those tubes and sliding down the slide.

The babies were more content to search the floor for any dropped pizza or cheerios. ;)

Then, that evening, our sweet neighbor, Lauren, watched Chance so we could go to the temple! It has been several months since we have gone, so we were thrilled to be able to go together! Once I am inside this magnificent building, I can feel the peace of the spirit that resides there. It calms my mind and my heart and verifies to me the truthfulness of the gospel. I am so grateful to have a temple close by.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Farewell Ballards

The day after Eric's birthday, we went out to San Rafael for a good-bye dinner with our friends the Ballards. We have known Drew for a long time. Eric has known him since Jr. High, and I've known him since High School. Luckily he married Annie, who is fabulous! (we might like her even more than Drew) ;) They have been good friends, and it has been fun living only 45 minutes from them, even though we haven't seen them as much as we would like.

They are now moving on to a new chapter of life. Drew graduated from dental school and has already left for boot camp, after which, they will be moving to Washington D.C. for a residency in oral surgery.

So, we just wanted to let them know that we love you, we are going to miss you, and we wish you well in everything!

Their darling son Vance was a good little friend, sharing his toys and giving Chance kisses on the head. Though Chance is more interested in the motorcycle than the kiss. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eric's Birthday

On June 6th, Eric turned 27!! And the poor guy was sick! He had slowly been getting sick (I had been sick the week before), but, of course, on the morning of his birthday he felt worse than he had felt yet. So, he decided to call in sick. Funny how most have to "fake sick" on their birthday's to get the day off, but Eric didn't even have to fake it!

Since it is in Eric's nature to be outside, I would generally plan a big adventure outside for his birthday. But since he wasn't feeling well, he opted to stay in. So, as you will notice below, we pulled out the hide-a-bed and we had a movie day! We watched a total of three movies! It was fun, and nice and relaxing for the sick birthday boy!

For his birthday I gave him a GPS unit, and his parents chipped in for it as well. Now he will always know which direction to go. He was surprised and very excited. To get his present I made him go on a scavenger hunt, and by the time he was done, he said he was worn out. Guess he really was sick.

After taking it easy all day, he felt well enough for me to take him out to dinner. We went to "The Pyramid" where we sat outside and enjoyed some live music.

They even brought him out a huge sundae since it was his birthday. But, I had to eat most of it because he didn't want the sugar to agitate his sickness and make it worse. Too bad for me! ;)
We had a great day. I especially loved just having him home all day. I love to be around him! He makes me so happy and is just so darn wonderful. So, happy birthday babe- I love you! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Art and Wine Festival

On June 2nd, our city had an Arts and Wine Festival, so we decided to go and check it out. We had a fun time wandering from booth to booth looking at all the art and different crafty things. And if we were drinkers, I think we could have gotten drunk from all the free wine being handed out! We enjoyed just being outside on a beautiful warm day (especially after I had been sick the week before), and listening to the live music. There is just something about being outside and listening to a band play, we love it! We also loved wandering around this rose garden. I should have snapped some pics of the roses, they are beautiful. I can't believe I didn't think to do that, but I will next time for sure! :)

Memorial Weekend Camping

Two days after my parents left, we packed up again to go camping over Memorial Day Weekend. I wasn't kidding when I said that we were busy during May!! ;) Our Uncle Max and Aunt Reaka (who live about an hour away) go camping with a big group of friends every year on memorial weekend. So, we met up with them at this state park which is only about 2 hours from our house.
We arrived on Saturday, set up camp, and then headed to the beach. Sorry, no pictures at the beach... I was too cold to even want to take the camera out! We hung out at the beach for awhile, except for Eric. He went mountain biking on a well known trail in Santa Cruz. The trail has quite the name too, it is called the forrest of the nisene marks...? Whatever that means?

Here are our happy campers!!

Here's the whole family, including the newleyweds, Jared and Tierney. They arrived Sunday, and had come to join us directly from their honeymoon in Cancun!
What a crazy group of people! ;)
Fun times :)

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