Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hair Cut

It has been almost a whole month since my last update... I am going through withdrawals!!! ;) To say the least, this month has been busy! So, this week, if all goes well, you will probably see a lot of posts from me.

To start off with, back on May 7th, I chopped my hair!!! I have been growing it out for about 1 year and 4 months with the goal of growing it long enough (10 inches) to donate to locks of love. I was getting very tired of it and became very anxious for the haircut. I started measuring my hair awhile ago, to see if it was long enough to cut yet, but even though it has been long enough for a little while, it still took some courage to finally go get it chopped. As I entered the beauty salon, my heart was beating so fast and I felt so nervous!! But as soon as she started cutting I felt relieved. I was finally doing it, after so much anticipation!

Wow... look at all that hair!!

Tah Dah... here's the new haircut

I thought I was barely going to make 10 inches, but when I took the pony tail home and measured it, it was 12 inches to the longest point!! I hope it finds a good home for someone else through locks of love! ;)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Vacation here we come!!

Oh- so much to say and no time!!! Why is it that the week before vacation everything gets sooo busy! Not to mention I was in charge of a "Girls Night Out" activity on Saturday and a Young Women's activity on Tuesday! Everything always has to happen at once, right!?

Anyway, so we are out the door right now to Southern Cali... Disneyland, Sea World, Beach... ahhhh! I can't wait! So, I have a lot of updates that I am really anxious to blog about, but it will have to wait for another week. :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Big Sur

Sorry it has been so long since I posted last! This week has been very busy, but I have been very anxious to update our blog!
So, last weekend we went camping down the coast a little way at a place called Big Sur. We had such a great time! We set up camp and then we went down to the beach. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that unlike all northern California beaches, it was actually quite warm (not the water, just the beach).

Chance had a great time with Daddy!! Getting tossed in the air, going on a shoulder ride and running away from the waves. Ever since Michael and Jared (my brothers) came out to visit us last year, running away from the waves has become a tradition. :)

The sunset was beautiful that night, and we saw some cool Kairns. Seeing those Karins reminded me of my cousin Melanie and her thoughts about finding balance in life. So, I had to snap a picture in honor of her.

Chance slept very well, with two layers of pajamas, two layers of blankets, a beanie and socks on his hands. Luckily for us, Chance appeared to be a very happy camper! :)

The next day we went and did some tide pooling. We saw all sorts of sea anenome's, star fish and and crabs. Can you find the star fish in the picture with all the sea anenome's?

We crossed this beautiful bridge named the Bixby Bridge.

We also hiked to these pretty water falls, and then a small little hike to China beach. The water there was so green, it was absolutely stunning!

And of course we had to come in contact with our beloved poison oak. There were literally fields of the stuff out there!! I have never seen so much poison oak all in one area! We tried to be careful, but somehow I managed to get a little on my leg. It is the sneakiest stuff! We might have to start wearing plastic suits on our hikes! ;)

And one last interesting thing we saw... this is called bird island, and you can see why! There were honestly thousands of birds on this island and we have absolutely no idea why they chose that particular spot. But it was pretty fascinating.

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