Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chance and his Girlfriend

My neighbor, Lauren, did a really cute post yesterday of Chance and her daughter Kayla. To check it out just click on the link to the right under "blogging buddies" that says Lauren and Stephen Reber. It's cute, you'll like it! :)

Point Reyes National Seashore

For Eric's second Saturday off work, we went over to Point Reyes National Seashore. We had been hoping for a nice warm day, but with our luck, it was raining, foggy and very windy! We had already postponed this trip once, due to the weather, so we decided to tough it out and go anyway.

The old light house out on the point is very beautiful, but to get there you take about 300 stairs down! (Talk about a thigh burner on the way back up!) However, this light house isn't used anymore. The light that is now used is the one sitting on top of this building.

Whale migration happens from January to April, so we took our binoculars to do some whale watching. The ranger at the light house had seen a couple that morning, but by the time we got there they were long gone.

Chance spent most of the time completely zipped inside of EJ's shell to protect him from the weather. But once in awhile we would unzip it a little bit so he could peek out.

Just down from the light house, we went on a nice stroll to see Chimney Rock- which is just some rocks jutting up out of the ocean. Kinda looks like a chimney, maybe that's where it got it's name....? ;)

Chimney Rock is the one right by Eric's head. In this picture it looks like it is connected to the land, but it is actually free standing.

It was really funny to see people giving Eric a second glance through out the day. They were trying to figure out where those extra feet hanging out of his jacket were coming from.

If the weather had been nicer, we would have stayed longer to explore some more places, but we still had a good time and we're glad we went.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poison Oak

Remember that fabulous hike on the back side of Mount Diablo a week and a half ago...? Well, we will definitely continue to remember it for a while longer now! Eric and I both got poison oak! I guess it was inevitable since the trail we were on was surrounded by it! We had tried our best to be so careful to avoid it, we even got a stick to push one particular branch out of the way one time. But once those oils touch your skin or clothes (or practically anything near you it seems) it spreads like wild fire! Eric has had poison oak several times now, mostly due to his mountain biking. I, on the other hand, have been a little more fortunate, I think this is only my second or maybe my third time. I am lucky that the rash reaction isn't as strong for me. I remember one time last year when Eric had it so bad- it covered the inside of his arm and oozed for weeks (sorry to be so graphic.) ;) By the time it went away, it had left a scar!

I just don't understand how it found such random spots to appear. On me, it found it's way to the top of my right ear, one little spot on my right wrist and on the under side of my chin... now figure that one out??? Eric has only found two little spots on his leg. And thankfully, so far Chance is in the clear.

Unfortunately, poison oak flourishes out here in our area! So as long as we continue hiking (let's be honest, we'll never give up hiking) we will continue our battle against the evil poison oak! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Go Giants!

On Wednseday night we figured we would have a quiet night at home watching American Idol. (Yes, we are die hard fans of the show) However, a phone call that we received from our friends the Rebers changed our plans. Stephen had acquired some tickets to the San Francisco Giants game for that night, and they had two extras. So, we got the call at 6:30pm and by 7:00 we were on our way to the game which was starting in 15 minutes. We knew we'd get there late, but figured it was worth it. :)

Once we got into the park, Chance started to fuss a little, he was hungry and getting tired. So we hurried and got his bottle ready but he only drank a couple ounces before he wouldn't take any more. When we got to our seats and sat down he started to cry like crazy. I hadn't even thought about the noise factor being an issue, but he seemed to be really scared of all the bright lights and loud noises.

So I ended up having to take him to a bathroom underneath the scoreboard where it was a little quieter, to get him to calm down. He eventually did, and spent the rest of the time in my arms and covered with blankets. But after a little nap he seemed much happier, and even started looking at the camara.

By the time we left the game, he was really happy- which made me happy because I wanted a picture of Chance smiling and showing off his sweet Giants shirt!!

And here is little Chance when we finally got home. He had fallen sound asleep and didn't even mind that his hat had slipped down over his eyes.
So, all in all- we had a great time. Eric was able to watch about four innings total, and I was able to catch maybe one inning. But ever since we've moved here, we have wanted to go to a Giants game. But we have learned an important lesson, and next time, we will be getting a baby sitter.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hiking in the Rain

Last Saturday was EJ's first Saturday off work, since the beginning of this year! Which means busy season is winding down... thank goodness!!! So, even though is was a rainy day, we had to go do someting! We were hoping to do an all day thing and go up to the coast, but decided to wait for better weather and do that next week. So, we opted for a hike up the back side of Mount Diablo. We went on the falls trail, but since it has been such a dry winter, there weren't really any falls to look at. Turns out, the water we ended up seeing fall was a lot of rain with a few minutes of hail!!

Some of the challanges of hiking in the rain... first- the mud! On Mt. Diablo, the mud is more like clay. So, once you step down, the mud comes back up with your shoe, and just keeps building and building. At times we felt like we were walking on high heels!

Another challenge is keeping Chance dry. Since he can't wear a waterproof shell, EJ carried an unbrella. Though once we got to a smaller trail it got a little tricky. But Chance didn't seem to mind. He hung out in that carrier for the full 3 hours without getting mad. He took a couple of naps and talked to us for about 45 minutes straight. I think he's liking this hiking stuff! :)

We have always admired the manzanita trees. The bark looks like plastic and comes in such beautiful hues of red and purple. In the rain the color was even more vibrant!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Piano Lessons

When I was young, my mom, (being the good mom that she is) forced my siblings and I to take piano lessons. Unfortunately, after several years of investing so many hours of practice, and so much money in all the lessons, I quit the lessons and didn't touch the piano again for many years. I was much more interested in soccer, singing lessons, hanging out with my friends, or pretty much anything else that could distract me. It's so true when we learn about hiding your talents under a bushel- once we do that we lose it! I have definitely lost all the talent that I had gained back then. As I look back, that is a major regret. Think where I could be now if I had only kept playing! But I have decided that it is never too late to start! Luckily I live next door to Lauren who is an incredible pianist, and with her as my teacher, I have now completed 6 lessons!! And since I don't have my own piano, she lets me go over to her house every day to practice. (She is so kind!) I am happy to report that even though the progress is slow, I am progressing, and getting more and more excited as I see myself getting better :) I hope someday to be able to fill my home with music, and not only picking out the top hand, but to be able to accompany my children. And also to be able to help them with their own piano lessons, which you can be sure I will be forcing on them! ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Chance sure loves to reach out and grab at his little toes. And when I put shoes on him he will grab at his shoelaces until he unties them. It's pretty cute. :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bargain Home Decor

I absolutely thrive on getting a bargain. And so with these new pieces of decoration I was thrilled. First of all, this little wooden box was recovered by Eric from our complex's garbage cans, which actually is not as unusual as it may seem. People are constantly leaving things out there that they don't want anymore. They just set it next to the garbage to be claimed by someone else. If the item goes unclaimed for a day, then it is thrown into the actual garbage can. So, anyway, this box was white with the paint chipping and uneven in many areas. So, after a good sanding and painting, I think it turned out quite nicely. I filled it with potpouri and wicker and wooden balls.
I found this painting at Mervyns on a great sale. Plus I also had about $50 in gift money at the store. So what was once a 150 dollar item- I paid out of my pocket about 23 dollars (thanks to the gift money!) I was totally excited with the purchase and I love the painting. I love how it is so bright. It reminds me of South America, where the houses are all painted crazy colors. I thought it would be perfect for us, since both Eric and I served missions in South America. It will be fun to have to brighten up our kitchen/dining area!


I hope everyone had a very nice Easter yesterday! Ours was very low key and relaxing. After a busy week it is always nice to take it easy on Sunday. :) Since Chance is not old enough to know yet, we didn't do anything special. However, it was special for me because Eric was very sweet and took over the kitchen- planning and making breakfast, lunch AND dinner! I don't mean to gush, but isn't he wonderful!?
After church we went out on the front lawn and had our wonderful neighbor, Lauren, snap our family picture. Then, I returned the favor for them. So, we had a nice little photo shoot going on. And I was very pleased with the results!

Fun Activities

It feels like it has been quite awhile since I last posted... so, here are some of the fun activities that we have been up to.
On the Friday before Easter we had a little Easter Party for a few of the kids from church. There was a little craft to do, then lunch, and then of course the easter egg hunt.

Chance was really excited about the easter egg basketball that he got, but a little unsure about those bunny ears! ;)
On the first Wednesday of every month, all the museums and the zoo in San Francisco are free! So, we went and checked out the zoo with some friends! It was crazy busy, but we still had a fun time.

And then, when the boys all went to the priesthood session during conference, we went to Chuck E Cheese. I haven't been there in forever! I'm sure Chance will love it when he gets a little older. There are all sorts of fun games and toys to play on.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Angels Camp

Last week, EJ was miraculously able to get a day off of work!! So, we headed up to Angels Camp with our friends the Rollins, so Ben and EJ could go skiing. The day we drove up there it had been raining off and on, which made for some beautiful scenery. The sky was incredible and constantly changing. We saw several rainbows, which were the brightest I have seen in a long time. Of course we had to stop every few hundred yards to take more photos. :) As the sun went down, the sky changed from purple to pink to a blanket of orange clouds. It was honestly breath taking!

The next day Ben and Eric went up to the ski resort and found, much to their joy, that while the valley had received rain, the ski resort had received snow. They had about a foot of fresh powder and more falling as they skied. Yup, they were in heaven. :)

While the boys skied, Nicole and I, with our little boys, went and explored Columbia State Park which is an old mining town. We had a really fun time!

The Rollins are moving back to Utah this week for a few months before moving on to MBA school. We are sad to see them go, they are great friends and we will miss them!

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