Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Johnny Jump Up

I tried the Johnny Jump Up a few weeks ago and as soon as I sat Chance in it, he started to cry. So, I put it back into the closet until just a few days ago when we decided to give it another shot. As you can see, Chance liked it. He hasn't quite figured it out yet, he did more spinning and not so much jumping, but it kept him happy for a little bit. :) And when Chance is happy, we're all happy!

I loved his little facial expression in this one.

I think he's wondering why he is getting turned around, and more importantly how to get back.

Monday, February 26, 2007


We love our apartment complex's pool! They have started heating it and the other day it was so warm outside that the water felt almost as warm as a hot tub. EJ, Chance and I took advantage of the sunny weather and went swimming. This was Chance's 2nd time swimming and he seemed to really enjoy it!

Chance doing the back float!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day my neighbor's daughter (Ella) dressed up as cupid to deliver Eric some sugar cookies that I had made. When we got to Eric's office space, he was on the phone. So we stayed a little ways off to wait for him to get off the phone. While we were waiting Ella's mom and I were whispering so Eric wouldn't hear. But Ella got really excited about her baby sister and wanted to say her name quite loud, compared to a very quiet office. Also, Chance had started making some noises. We knew our cover was blown since those sounds are not common in an office. Next thing we knew, Eric was peeking around the corner and saw us. So, even though he was on the phone, Ella (with the help of her mom) delivered the cookies. It was really funny and really cute!! Here's our cupid Ella! Since she did such a good job, we had to reward her. You can see the smudges of her reward on her mouth. :)

Tummy Time

Chance used to hate his tummy time. Now that he is stronger, he seems to like it much more. He has also learned to tip himself over from his tummy to his back which I am sure helps as well. He will stick one arm out and push against the floor while he leans his head to the side. He kind of rocks for a second before he finally gets enough momentum to roll over. It is very entertaining.

Our Little Ducky

We just love this little Ducky
outfit- the hat is so darn cute! :)
Chance is getting much stronger and is mostly able to sit up on his own. As you can see in the first picture he looks like he is doing a sit-up. Whenever I lean him back against the couch, he will pull himself up like that. The only problem is that he will tip over to the sides. So, if we stick pillows on both sides of him then he is good to go!

Play time is tiring

Chance loves his playmat. He seems to especially love the mirror. He will reach his little hand over and grab ahold of it and turns it back and forth. It seems to me that he is trying to decide what angle he likes looking at himself the best. ;) He also loves the toys that hang down. He is getting really good at grabbing ahold of them and also kicking at them to make them move.

Several times I have layed him down to play and have gotten busy myself doing something else. When I check back with Chance, a lot of times he has fallen asleep right there on his mat. I guess all that kicking and swatting at his toys wears him out!


When Chance starts getting sleepy he gets pouty and I just get a kick out of watching his pouty face! He will quietly whimper, stick out his lower lip, and maybe let out a few wails . So, I grabbed my camera and started snapping shots. I couldn't help but laugh and smile at him, so by the end he had started smiling back at me. :) I got a couple of smiles before he started crying- I felt like he was saying "Okay, Mom, enough already, just let me sleep!"

Friday, February 16, 2007

Chance's Blessing

On January 7th we gave Chance a baby blessing at the home of Camille's parents. It was wonderful to see a lot of family that we haven't seen for awhile. And Eric gave Chance a beautiful blessing that brought tears to my eyes. We are just so grateful that Chance is doing so well after having such a rough start.

Here are all the men that helped in giving
Chance his blessing...
yes, it was a rather large group! :)

Four generations on Eric's side and Camille's side

I was thrilled at how Chance's blessing outfit turned out- he looked so handsome!! I made it under the careful direction of my mom. :) And the blanket that Chance is sitting on was made by my mom! They will both be special keepsakes!

Meeting new cousins

Best Cousins
Brendan Michael, Chance Eric and Jared Matthew

For Camille's Brithday we had a family dinner which is when we finally got to meet Chance's new cousin- Jared. Chance is a lucky boy to have 2 cousins born within 3 1/2 months of each other. Another cousin (Jaycee) was born less than 1 month after this picture was taken.

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Year's Eve!!

First we started off the night with a delicious dinner and a cake to celebrate all the January and February Birthday's

We finished up the night playing games, watching a movie and then watching fireworks in the freezing cold weather! Too cold for Camille who has grown soft from living in California! :)


We had a wonderful Christmas in Utah, where we were able to spend 3 weeks!! It was fun!

You can tell just by looking at Chance's face that he's having fun! ;)

I just thought I would show off Elise's awesome make-up job that she did for all the girls.


We went up to Tahoe before Chritmas and stayed with some friends at their timeshare for a night. Eric went skiing and we introduced Chance to snow. We're not sure he's too thrilled about it yet. ;) Though Eric may argue otherwise!

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