Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Glamour Shots

Here are some adorable pictures of Chance that we took here in our apartment.

Grandparents visit

During the second week of December Eric's parents came out to visit and bond with little Chance.

Chance had a great time, going for walks, getting rocked in the new rocking chair, taking naps and getting a new hairs style (a.k.a. Spike!) :)

We also had some family pictures taken thanks to Reva!

Thanksgiving Continued

Everyone had a good time holding Chance and getting to know him.
Grandma even gave him a bath!


We had a great thanksgiving. Camille's parent's and brothers came out and we went down to her Uncle Max and Aunt Reaka's in San Jose.

Of course whenever the boys get together they have to go mountain biking!

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