Sunday, November 15, 2009


We had a lot of fun this Halloween with our Peter Pan themed costumes. Chance was so excited about it, that he talked about it for weeks prior to Halloween. He told everyone over and over what we were going to be for Halloween. So, we were happy to have lots of places to wear our costumes. There were 3 different parties- a ward party, EJ's office party and then a neighborhood party. Plus, we had Halloween night to wear our costumes as well. We definitely got a lot of use out of them!
First was the church party- yummy dinner, and trunk or treating! Then EJ's office threw a party for the families.

Can you tell that the party was right in the middle of nap time...?
Yeah, Gavin was a little bit tired!
Thankfully there were lots of activities (and treats) to keep the kids occupied. Like ring toss.
Gavin did not want to let his ring go!
You can tell by the evidence on Chance's face that we had lots of yummy things to eat and lots of candy from the trick or treating to everyone's desks.
In the conference room there was a wall of glass, Gavin bumped his head into it a few times before realizing that he couldn't get through. Then, as in all things, he had to taste it! Blow fishes on the window must be something innate, because I didn't teach him that. :)
Everyone loved EJ's costume, in fact he won first prize for his costume at work. Several people didn't even recognize him, until they saw that I was with him.

Chance loved his costume, especially the sword! He insisted on fighting captain hook every day for about 2 weeks, until they broke EJ's sword. However, much to the relief of Chance, the story has a happy ending with EJ figuring out a way to fix it.
Trick or treating
Chance loved it, as you can tell by that smile on his face. It's fun to have him interested in it all. Last year he didn't quite understand what was going on, this year, he definitely understood.

Gavin and I came back early from trick or treating so that I could pass out candy, and after about 5 houses, Gavin was done anyway.
As soon as we got home it was so cute to see him start digging into his bag of candy
He's such a happy little guy.
When Chance and EJ arrived home, he only made it a couple steps from the front door before he dumped out his whole bag of candy to admire the contents.
His face shows the different emotions of exhaustion from a very long and eventful day, and the absolute love of candy. Ha ha! :)
Gavin had just started crawling and was still very timid and shaky, but that big pile of candy was some good incentive to get him up on his knees!
Somehow Gavin got a piece of double bubble gum unwrapped and in his mouth before I even noticed! That's a big wad of gum in a little mouth with only 2 teeth!
Chance's introduction to pixie sticks- gotta love the flavored sugar! Costumes, parties, friends, trick or treating, candy... what a great Halloween.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday time!

Back on September 11th, Chance turned 3 years old!! He had been so excited for his birthday so we decided that this year we would have a friend party for the first time. He talked about it all the time and when the day came for his party he was so excited! As his friends started arriving it was hilarious to watch him get so giddy! Since his favorite thing right now is the movie "Cars" we naturally chose that as our theme. For one of the activities that I planned they got to race their own cars around the yard.

We also played duck duck goose, however, the 2-3 year old version went more like everyone running around like crazy as soon as goose was called. Then, they all regrouped to the circle once we called them back and the next person got a turn. Way better than the normal version if you ask me! I had also planned some dancing, acting out different animals, bubbles, and coloring their own license plate to take home. But I wasn't quite sure what to expect and these kids were done with all the activities a lot faster than I anticipated. But, they weren't disappointed, they were just as happy to play with some toys and play on the swing-set.

When it was time to open presents the whole thing was quite entertaining.
A couple kids thought the presents were for them to open, and then I was warned that a couple kids thought the gift they had bought for Chance was really for themselves.
So, as soon as Chance would open a present, I would quickly slide it out of the way- out of sight out of mind! It seemed to work pretty well, there were only a couple struggles with the opening gifts but other than that, they were all happy to give their gifts away.

Such a cute group of kids!
Hudson, Averi, Russell, Chance, Clair, Reed, Soren and Finn
Giving hugs.
Then it was lunch time.

With all the extra attention that Chance was getting he started to turn into a little bit of a show off! It was actually really funny for me to see him like that.
Gavin was asleep through most of the party, but when he finally woke up he got to enjoy the best seat in the house overlooking it all!

And last but not least his Cars birthday cake!

Trying to get those candles blown out, but he just wasn't getting it.

That's when Soren stepped in and blew them out for him- thank goodness for Soren! Ha ha!
It was a really fun party- we had a great time! Chance was thrilled with the whole thing which of course made it all worth it.
That night we had our own little family celebration- we re-lit the candles on the cake (this time Chance was able to blow them out all by himself!) And Chance opened the presents from the family.

Chance finally got his favorite movie- Cars! Gavin had a great time too- what's not to love about playing in tissue paper!?

Chance is such a delight! He keeps me laughing every day with the things he says or sometimes just the way he says them. He asks "why" after everything I say, he loves to run and play sports, he loves reading books, and is not near as timid as he used to be. He loves his little brother Gavin and likes helping take care of him. The other morning, in fact, I woke up when the boys started making noise, which is when I usually wake up. But, after getting dressed I went in to get Gavin out of his crib and I found Chance in there with him. He had turned on the mobile hanging above the crib, and he was just sitting next to him talking. It was so cute.
A couple of big accomplishments that we implemented the day after his birthday were potty training and no more binky. Saying good-bye to the binky was hard (very hard) at first, but he has completely adjusted now. The only problem I have now is that Chance has decided that without the binky, he no longer needs a nap. I am still implementing a quiet time however, so, he gets a few hours of playing/reading by himself in the afternoon. That is all fine and good, until the evening comes around and he gets completely grumpy! Arrgh!
Potty training has gone very well except for that scary pooping in the potty part! Chance has not gone poop in the potty one single time since we started potty training! He just holds it until I put a pull-up on for nap time and bed time. I'm thinking I need some serious bribing toys- the candy and stickers just aren't doing it. Again... arrgh!

Oh well, all part of the ride I suppose. And it is a ride that I wouldn't trade. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true. I am so happy to have Chance in our family. We love him to pieces!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Check out a couple new links...

Give Hope to Benson and Claire:
I thought I would take a minute to post about the two new links on the sidebar. First of all is Benson and Claire. Their family are our friends and sweet little Benson and Claire both need kidney and liver transplants!! They are the only kids in the family and Claire is worse than Benson, she is being kept alive through dialysis almost every day of the week. Benson was dropped off every morning at a different house, while his mom and Claire went to the hospital for the daily treatments. Benson came to our house every Thursday and Chance loved playing with his buddy Benson! Anyway, as you can imagine, transplants are not cheap and this family can use all the help they can get. So click on the link to find out more of their story and donate a little- every dollar helps!

Six Minutes to Success:
And, one more new link on our side bar is a service that EJ recently discovered. He has taken 2 months off this summer, (which has been wonderful) and while he's been home he's been doing a lot of a different kind of work. You see, EJ would really like to work from home and be financially independent at some point. This service of Six Minutes to Success has been helping him achieve that goal! So, we just thought some of you out there might be interested in it as well. Check it out...

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5 years and counting!

September 2nd, 2004- Happiest. Day. Of. My. Life.
What an adventure the past 5 years have been. Better than I had imagined. I love you now and forever! Happy Anniversary. :)

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